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Movie Critique Stand and Deliver is the movie I chose because I want to learn about Latino and how they are qualified In their education In America and because I want to learn about how much a person can succeed when their surroundings aren’t the safest to their life and future. Eve seen m any occasions where latently Intelligence has been put down to the floor because of their culture, the leer background, and/ r even the barrio they are from and aren’t given the support that they need.

Repute ion seems to matter a lot in American history. The way you represent yourself, the way you dress, o r even the place you come from impacts many Latino studies in America. Stand and Deliver is a great example of this because it demonstrates us that the Latin culture has been settle for less in education n, business, work etc. Cause of the way they perform themselves among outer and inner groups, but eve If the culture has a bad reputation they can always succeed when hard work is put into hands. They also have the capacity to level themselves up from the low expectations society has put on the people with c retain customs, traditions, and different barrios. Stand and Deliver the title says it all standing up an d delivering what has been put into your hands. This movies shows to us Latino and American education.

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The American public school system could be Improved In many places, as everyone k ND too often the public schools are places where Instead of learning how to respect others and learn to think, teenagers learn how to Beltsville and/ or terrorize others(survive factorization and living fear) and encounter the fact that being smart Isn’t “cool. ” There Is no place where the crawls Is more acute than In the Inherently schools of the major scales. Schools that barely earn the title, school. Stand and Deliver is a movie filmed back in sass’s in East Los Angels, California in G

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