Speech Critique Assignment

Speech Critique Assignment Words: 275

The body of his speech is strong. He engages the audience and tells us about the new things he tries. The only thing about the body I think Matt could have done better is not to downplay the effort that is involved. He makes rather large feats for most people seem small and easily achievable. This could possibly make some people in the audience feel less capable of completing the same things he has.

He also happens to mentions that anything is possible if you want to do it badly enough, which could possibly be the reassurance some of the audience needed. His conclusion was great and even injected some humor. He relieved the pressure of always creating a new habit by telling the audience the story of how his 30 days without sugar ended with a pile of sweet treats and candy bars. He did a good job of catering to the masses in his conclusion and made the audience more comfortable with trying something new for 30 days.

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I think Matt can fix these mall problems by giving the audience some more information about himself, which will make the audience feel more like he is just like them. This will give them more confidence in themselves to try something they have always wanted to do. Lastly, I think if he was more honest and direct about how hard some of the challenges he did, such as writing a novel or biking up the tallest mountain in Africa, the audience will be able to more accurately choose their 30 day challenge and have a better chance at success.

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