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Restaurant Critique BY 895110557 Asia food at its finest I have been to Mexico many times, and eaten in many different places because the variety of food in Mexico was enormous. But this specific Chinese food buffet restaurant stood out to me the most. The place was called “Buffet of Asia” which I thought was a magnificent name for this place because of the different amount of food that was served . We had been recommended this buffet by my grandma that has lived in Mexico ever since she was little. She said that the before the Buffet of

Asia opened in August of 2011, they announced in newspaper and on TV, to make sure the word got around of its grand opening. The family that worked there was a family of five; father, mother, sister and brother that owned the Buffet of Asia which was from Hong Kong China. They all work at the restaurant to help out the family business. The Buffet of Asia is located in the city with other restaurants around it. When I first arrived to the restaurant I noticed that there were more cars in the parking lot parked outside of this restaurant than any other restaurant, so and nstantly I knew I was in for a treat.

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The building stood out from the rest, with its fine red walls decorated with gold Chinese dragons, made me really feel like I was in China. As me and my family walk in to the restaurant, I noticed that it was Just as nice in the inside then it is in the outside. Lights were dimmed in when first entering giving it a bit of suspense to the scenery. It was a buffet so we had to pay before being seated, and the cost was affordable for the family so that was always a plus. As we were greeted to the restaurant we were paying I noticed the cashier was a young

Mexican lady that was bi-lingo and very pretty. She had a good attitude that made her seem like she loved her Job. As we approached to be seated I noticed the environment was well controlled meaning it wasn’t too loud and people seemed to be enjoying their food. The place itself in the inside was large with lots of tables and booths making it comfortable for people. I looked at is more as a family restaurant then a place that you would take someone on a date. As we were seated down in a fancy comfortable booth, the waiter was one of the family members that owned the lace.

She seemed like she managed to speak English clear without any trouble. Her name on her name tag was Fei Yen, and took our drink order and once again welcomed us to the restaurant. I looked around and there were TVs around on the sports channel, which I thought was great. I and my family then walked over to where the food was located. It was good that there wasn’t that many people getting food because nobody likes to wait around to get their food. There were so many selections of food: fried rice, chow Mein, beef and broccoli, general chicken, kou pong hicken, Mongolian beef.

They also had seafood from crab legs to shrimp to sushi. I first started with some chow Mein that was steamy golden brown mixed with orange carrots, lettuce and with a bit of pieces of tender chicken. Secondly I served myself some Juicy beef that came with broccoli as well. The beef and broccoli were dipped in rich ginger and soy sauce making it easy to chew the beef, and the broccoli was soft making it easy to eat. My third selections were sushi rolls. I got two California rolls which consisted crab, tresn cucumber and smooth avocado.

The sushi wasn’t the best I had ever tasted because the rice was a tiny bit hard but it wasn’t too bad. After I ate that plate I was feeling a bit full so I went in for my desert. They had ice cream, chocolate cake, cheese cake, muffins and they also had fruit. The ice cream wasn’t too good, I felt it was too watery with not that much dairy product included. I served my some sweet orange melon with some ice cream on the side. I dipped the sweet melon into the ice cream, because mix flavor between these two were amazing.

I had that sweet melon fruit then you had that cold ice cream which made the melon melt inside my mouth. Overall the service was great, the waiter checked up on us multiple times to make sure everything was fine which was greatly appreciated. The food was amazing, although they could have done a faster Job on re-flling the food once it was gone. All in all the staff made people feel welcomed greeting every person greatly. It surprised me that a Chinese restaurant in Mexico has so many outstanding features that made people want to come back and eat at the Buffet Of Asia.

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