In the Heights play critique Assignment

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In the Heights Is a musical written by Line-Manuel Miranda. The musical was performed at the John Anthony Theatre at the Spring Creek Cooling College campus on March 9. 2014. The show was put together very well. The professionalism was evident in everything from the lights, to the choreography. At the first view of the stage, the audience was immediately transported into Washington Heights New York, on Fourth of July 2014. It was a hot summer day, and with help from the actors, the audience could feel the heat too.

The majority of the actors were well cast, and very livable. They portrayed their characters very well. When the leading lady, Nina, felt heartache, the audience felt It with her. When Bauble Claudia won $96,000 In the lottery, the whole audience rejoiced with her. One of the themes that was communicated was to be content with where you are and what you have. Another theme was to try your best and never give up. At the first glimpse of the set, the whole theater knew what kind of a place they were in and what to expect. It was very realistic. There were four apartment buildings outlining the stage.

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One on the outer edge of stage left, one on the outer edge of stage right, then one up stage left, and the last one was up stage right. All their windows were open and overlooking the stage, And there were shops under the apartments, which is where most of the musical took place. There was graffiti covered all the buildings and trash cans. This is an interpretation to the audience that The Heights is not the most high end town. The set was perfect for the story line. Not many props were used, but of the few there was a trash can or two, and Paraguay cart. They are both pretty realistic and able to be taken at face value.

The rash cans are used by the dancers as drums, they reveal the free spirit of the character they are portraying. The Paraguay cart Is used by a Paraguay sales man, this reveals that he is taking any Job he can just togged by. The trash can were successful and very useful. The Paraguay cart was successful, but It seemed a little unnecessary. The costumes of the entire cast looked very much like something you would see today. Some were a little more street looking than others. And some were a little dressier. Over all it looked like what any normal person would wear.

Daniel, the air dresser, wore bright and bold colors, and always dressed a little bit nicer than everyone else. This shows that she is young, stylish, and has a loud personality. Bauble Claudia always wore light pastel night gowns. The reveals that she Is old and does not have a very good sense of style. The makeup of the cast was also very normal, it was nothing extravagant. Daniel always had on a bright lipstick and bright blush. This look successfully portrayed her loud personality. Nina had more of a natural makeup style. She wore thin eyeliner and a light blush. This makeup Tyler showed her meek personality very successfully.

Over all the lights In the show were wonderful. They were vibrant and full of life. One breath taking moment was on the night of Fourth of July, fireworks were going off In the sky, and colored lights 1 OFF mill EAI K ten way ten align Trot ten Tattler’s radiates to ten ground . I en audience could picture the fireworks in the sky, it felt Just like the Fourth of July. It was a very successful way to involve fireworks in the show. Another good lighting moment was when the town was mourning the loss of Bauble Claudia. The theater light went own and all the people in the town were holding candles and placing them at Bauble Claudia door step.

It was very meaningful and touching. It showed how much everyone appreciated her. It was very successful at displaying the sorrowful mood. Sound was also another big part of the production. There was music playing almost constantly. It all had a Latin feel to it, it was very upbeat and energetic. There were different trumpets and maracas that gave everything a really exciting and happy mood. It worked out well without being too cheesy. There was also the sound effect of spray paint cans at the beginning of the musical. The mood it contributed was mysterious, and troublemakers.

It was very unique and well done. The acting through the play was mostly good. If they did mess up the audience could not tell. The actress for the leading lady, Nina, was absolutely flawless. She was also included in many musical numbers in which her singing voice lit up the ears of all the audience members. She is very talented and portrayed her character very well. When she cried the audience felt her pain. The actress for Vanessa was good, and well-rehearsed. But it was Just that, rehearsed, it did not seem natural. And her singing voice was not all that pleasant either.

Although her acting seemed a bit forced, her story was relatable, and that’s what kept people interested in her. Over all, the director chose a great cast with a lot of talent. He kept true to the theme of the play, which is to be content with what you have and where you are. In the Heights is a very intriguing show. It is fun and upbeat, and makes you feel all happy inside. It is a story about love and family. But, warning, the show may not be appropriate for children ages 13 and under. Every minute spent watching it in the theater, is a minute well spent.

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