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Nine white angels are the focal point of the painting who are being cheered on by the people of the town. Neither the angels nor the people are drawn with detail in their faces. The artist also used basic shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles for the buildings along with their bold colors. Although the painting is not completely symmetrical there is a sense of balance. The Linear technique was used to give the illusion that angels were floating up to the sky.

The painting caught my attention instantly because of the artists use of such bright and bold colors. The people although not shown with a lot of detail give off a sense of hope, happiness and unity as a community. Overall it was a positive experience which allowed me to look at art and the painting in a new perspective. Critique #1 Painting The title of the sculpture I am critiquing is titled Airman by Walden Descants Gregory created in 1939 which depicts a soldier during the war. The sculpture is located at the FIB Frost Art Museum.

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The medium used by the artist to create this sculpture was a ceramic tile. The mass of the sculpture is small. The artist created a sculpture in high relief which he then painted and covered in gloss making the visual texture of the sculpture smooth. Some of the formal elements used by the artist were intense hues of blue as the background for the sky . The Airman himself which is the focal point of the sculpture is painted in light shades of beige and intense whites as well as the four airplanes flying above him.

The sculpture is not symmetrical the Airman covers most of the sculpture giving the illusion that the airplanes are flying high above him in the sky. This was done using the linear perspective. The sculpture caught my attention because of its dark hues of blue . Although the mass of the sculpture is small its message is powerful and portrays a time Of war. The Airman’s eyes show fear as the planes fly above him. Overall I was very impressed by the artists work and his ability to take such a small piece of ceramic and create such a beautiful sculpture.

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