How Does the Writer of This Text Use Language and Grammar Assignment

How Does the Writer of This Text Use Language and Grammar Assignment Words: 370

This is evident where the author says “A new musical talent spreads his wings”. This provides entertainment to his readers in the form of comedy. Additionally the words he uses acts as a metaphor, yet in this case the phrase is quite literal as he is talking about a fly. This quite an effective pun. The use of puns provides amusement to his audience and by placing this pun at the beginning of this article it makes the reader intrigued to read on. Furthermore puns are used throughout the article to keep the reader engaged.

Jargon is used also as a way to present his readers with photography knowledge. He uses a quote from the photographer which says “… To give a refreshing view on insect Marco-photography’. By using this the author gives the public a small insight to what technology goes into taking these photos. This uses of jargon also presents another purpose as it shows the photographer of these fly photos to be a professional within this business. Also that it makes it easier for people who know about the subject to follow, s specialized terms can be used without losing information.

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This is useful as he has a very wide audience and some may understand these terms. The use of compound sentences adds more detail and information. The author says “Nearly all the photographs of Mr. Fly, whose first name was Gerald, were taken in Mr. Hendricks bedroom, using mostly natural light and a small eight megalith camera. ” By saying this the author adds more richness to the sentence and therefore by doing so adds more information to his readers.

By adding more information the author can entertain his audience which are on the public transport on their journeys. Furthermore that by using compound sentences it is more effective in creating a balance between two important pieces of information, thereby leaving the reader with a better understanding Of the article. To conclude by using all this techniques the author of the text can keep his audience engaged and entertained while reading his article and furthermore provide them with information which they may not of known prior.

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