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Occasionally there will be a ajar event that is somewhat football related on a different day of the week but generally the NFG is only the main focus on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. Major League Baseball is the major focus from April to October. The ML games occur all throughout the week from Monday to Sunday. Typically if nothing extraordinary happens, ESP. Just posts the score of the games. A major headline happens for the ML when a no-hitter or a perfect game is thrown. Sometimes ESP. creates headlines for specific players like Derek Jester.

Jester is retiring this year and as been one of the most famous baseball players from the last two decades. The NIL follows up right after the ML and is competing with the NFG for ESP. headlines. The NIL season begins in October and ends in June. The NIL has grown popularity very rapidly in the United States of America. However, they still arena as popular as the NFG whom they are competing with for headlines and news articles. The NAB starts in November and ends in June. Currently, there is little to no coverage on the NAB because it is not the season.

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The NAB does get a lot of media overage when it is in season though. In the U. S, the NAB usually sees more media coverage than the NIL when the two are both in season. Similar to the NIL and ML, there are games all throughout the week. The stories currently being covered are Major League Baseball, college football, and pro football. The main headline story is the Atlanta Braves attempting to reach the playoffs. There are articles on James Winston draft stocks going down because he has been involved in numerous off the field incidents that are unacceptable.

Also there is a story on the Minnesota Vikings rearranging Adrian Peterson being put on the exempt list because he has been accused of abusing his son. I personally am intrigued by actual sports stories, not off the field incidents by sports players. I agree it is horrible that a man would abuse his son or wife but I do not believe sport media is the place for that kind of news. As for Journalists, I am not a big fan of sports journalists. However, I will read any article that may affect my fantasy football team.

I usually see the same topic numerous times when it is an off-field incident. This means that an athlete did something unrelated to their sport which caught Aspen’s attention. A great example of this is Adrian Peterson being accused of abusing his son. I believe the reason these articles get repeated is simply due to the fact the occurrence is rare. By “rare”, I mean in comparison to an on-field story. These type of articles generally have video of the incident that corresponds. I believe the video allows the viewer to truly understand what has happened.

I personally do not visit the website too often. I would say about once a week. The media coverage can be biased based on which teams are more popular and produce the most profit. This does not bother me though because I believe I have a good understanding of marketing. It is very likely that I will continue to visit this site on a weekly basis. ESP. focuses their headlines and articles on what they believe the majority will appreciate. It follows the utilitarian principle, greatest good for the greatest number.

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