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Electronic art Is similar with computer art and dealt art , It also refers to artworks containing electronic elements and combining them into different media such as music, dance and performance. Therefore, electronic art is an interdisciplinary field, and considered as a new media art, when artists making their artwork. They usually work with scientists and engineers. Name June Pack. “Electronic Superhighway: Continental U. S. “, 1995, 51 channel video installations The artwork Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.

S. Was made in 1995 by Name June Pack, a Korean artist. He was given the name ” Father of Video Art”, was famous in working with electronic art related to media and video art. In this Installation, he placed 336 televisions and overlaid them with neon lights to outline the map of the united States. He used different colors of neon to demonstrate different district of U. S. , and 50 DVD players sending video images to each state’s televisions, within a district, specific video images are shown on the screens.

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The idea was great, the ulterior neon represents the neon signs of motels and restaurants in U. S. , what make the U. S. Unique. The multiple colors also reveal that individual districts own their Identities and cultures. Name June Pall not only Intended to combine art and science, Name June Pack made art and science our life, we cannot escape from technologies and moving images are influencing us. In ass, internet was not fully developed, television was every family entertainment and information center. Audiences can see the whole U.

S. Hen they watch his work, and this is what Name June Pack wanted to develop in electronic art media, he once said that everyone would have their own television channel. It becomes true now, we can create our own channels In Youth, and there are billions of videos that everyone can watch. It was really a “superhighway” that we can watch the videos Instantly. Many of his artwork used “television” as key component of his installation artwork, and he did lots of great experiment on combining both art and electronic.

One of his arks is “Magnet he discovered that a giant magnet placed on top of the television would disrupt the pattern on the screen, so that some abstract Images would come out from the screen. This Is how he explored science and presented It In an art form also transformed video as an object. “Nard June pate, ” Magnet TV”, 1965 Name June Pall’s electronic artworks not only considered the aesthetic context, his starting point was concerning social Issues and exploring scientific experiment. He was an artist, Ana also an engineer Ana clients.

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