Ways to Reduce Poverty and Hunger Assignment

Ways to Reduce Poverty and Hunger Assignment Words: 454

Have you ever had and idea of how to end some of the world’s problems? Hunger, poverty and crimes are a big part of our society today. There are thousands of people living In poverty and with hunger. Many people commit crimes as well. I will be sharing with you some of my Ideas of how to end these kinds of Issues. One way we can help the growing number of starving people would be a food bank. Every church could have a food bank and get canned goods and other goods donated by the members of the church. You can either donate money or food. This we could help the people in need.

My church, Chokeberry united Methodist, happens to have a program called Manna House. The body of our church donates food that is specified as to what is needed. Right now our church helps feed 667 families per month. Imagine the impact of this globally if every church striver to do this. I think a way we could end poverty is by provided more jobs. How is that possible you ask? Well here is what I think. We need to stop the outsourcing. Multinational corporations have outsourced over 2. 4 million Jobs over the last decade We are having the Chinese make items for us and then having them shipped back to

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America. On the other hand, if we have Americans make these items, it will provide more Jobs. Jobs equal money for the poor. We need to figure out a way to make it as economical to produce the products here Instead of outsourcing to other countries. I have several Ideas on solutions of how to end crime. One of my Ideas Is to make the punishments much harsher. If a person kills or harms another human being, they are only sentenced fifteen to twenty-five years in prison without rehabilitation. One of the problems with this is that most criminals only end up serving a small percentage of their actual sentence.

Which brings me to my next point. What if there was a program within the prisons to help these criminals become rehabilitated. It could possibly bring down the rate of committing further crimes when released. Many people have ideas to stop some of the worlds biggest problems. If we work together to make this happen, we can make a change. If we can all be proactive In our communities, starting with our schools, churches and out reach programs. Taking small steps that will lead to bigger accomplishments. Starting by Glenn hope to the hopeless. I think that when we have hope, many good or even great things can be possible.

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