The Count of Monte Cristo and Poverty Assignment

The Count of Monte Cristo and Poverty Assignment Words: 320

The World Wide Issue of Poverty Poverty is a huge issue. Too many people are suffering from this. How can society fix this issue? In The Count of Monte Crisis written by Alexander Dumas, poverty was also an issue, it’s a horrible thing and nobody really knows what its like until they experience it. In the novel, M. Dante (Edmonds father) died from starvation. Like the quote said, “even a wondering dog finds someone to throw him a crust of bread. ” This is why poverty is an issue that can be easily solved in the U. S.

If the nation had more shelters and DOD for poor and people trying to give back, the poverty rate would be lower. 80% of people in the U. S are suffering from poverty. People are dying because they don’t have food to eat. What does that say amount America? How can the nation make that percentage go down? The government is really the biggest hope. Maybe in the future they will realize how many of their own people are suffering. In the Count of Monte Crisis novel, Edmond Dante was most impacted by because if his father was still alive when he came back from the Chateau Dif maybe he would eave more leaning when it came to revenge.

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Even if M. Dante lived a more populate life, he coo a nave Eden taken Trot starvation. He could nave sat enamels Decease AT the loneliness and heart break. Edmond The effect of M. Dante dieing from starvation was becoming even more enraged and even more hungry for revenge. Poverty can come in two forms, not eating because of grief or loneliness, or not eating because the person doesn’t have the kind of resources they need to be fed. Weather that be moon- -eye or clean water to drink. In M. Dante case, it was loneliness.

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