Summary of he Singer Solution to World Poverty Assignment

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Summary of he Singer Solution to World Poverty Hushing Ma Alison Luau Writing 121 April 6, 14 In the article ‘The Singer Solution to World Poverty’, the author Peter Singer mainly argues that people who are rich should be donate their money to the poor ones instead of spending to buying something unessential like cars, fancy restaurant or luxuries, etc. Then Singer list two examples to support his idea. One is a retired schoolteacher called Dora who tricked a boy to a family Vichy ill adopt him in order to earn 1000 dollar.

Nonetheless, the boy is too old to be adopted and he will even be killed. At last, Dora decides to save the boy’s life to take him back. Another one is talking about a dilemma between saving a life or saving property. The example talks about a man Who called Bob cost most his savings to buy a Bugging. One day he put himself in a dramatic situation which he could only save his car or save the life Of a boy Who he never meet before.

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However, Bob choose to save his valuable car then indirectly killed the boy. “If you still think that it was very wrong of Bob not to throw the switch that would have diverted the train and saved the child’s life, then it is hard to see how you could deny that is also very wrong not to send money to one of the organization listed above”, Singer strongly state his thesis which is people who are affluent should donate their saving to children in needy. Otherwise, you are as wrong as Bob who killed the boy.

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