Summary Facing Poverty Habitat with Rich Girls Assignment

Summary Facing Poverty Habitat with Rich Girls Assignment Words: 453

Suzuki Kim who came from Korea, tells in this essay that is named “Pacing Poverty with a Rich girl’s Habits” about new immigrant comes to America, How can she absorbs new environment, difference of culture and wealth is important or not. Writer has a few most important points in this essay. First of all she wants to answer wealth is important or is not?

After her father bankruptcy, her life is very difficult and they flow to America without any penny. One day you will be rich but another day you Will lose all Of your things. Lost thing is not big a problem. Once she flew from Korea, she lost everything such as home, friends, relation and wealth but she might satisfy now, because she has new friends, a new home, and a new job. Our forefather told me that “If you lost the things, it is not a problem, if you lost the ethic, it’s a problem, If you lost your health, it’s big a problem”. Greer with that. Secondly, Illustrated in essay that different culture, social, life style and character between Korean and American students. For example, when the teacher entered in classroom, no one heated an eye but in Korea students and environment of school are different. Another important point of writer, however she became citizenship of America, she celebrates Korean national celebration day, to love national Todd, national song in her soul and cannot forget her memorize that when she in Korea.

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Furthermore, she said that how new immigrants can settle in America, how they an inherit something from first generation and how to teach to their next generation. In my opinion, first generation of all immigrants sacrifices their life and education by working in America. In order that to give good education to their children for future life; they have to work during extended hours to make money _ In summary writer’s main purpose to explain to her audience that once new immigrants come to America, they have a lot of problem. But effete strive to fulfill their goals, they can achieve in good luck.

In this writing her genre was narrative and comparative between America and Korean, Rich and Poor. Such as she wrote that rich family settled in Westchester or Manhattan, where their children attended private schools and poor people live in crammed, ugly place. Most Of her audiences are new visitor in America like me. I agree some point Of her. Suzuki Skim’s attitude is sadness and frustration that recalling her last life and memorizing first friends in America. I think that she could achieve her goals that influenced and persuaded by audience.

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