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Social action proposal| Topic: Discrimination| | | By : NIRAL PATEL (300527670)| 9/27/2011| | | Social Analysis Project Proposal 1. Identify a social problem that concerns you and one that you would like to research further in your social action project. Today, there are so many social problems happening in our lives like discrimination, stereo typing due to terrorism, racism, issues of poverty, pollution, unemployment, spread of incurable diseases, bullying and many more.

But we would like to discuss more about discrimination ongoing around which we can see often at workplaces and in a multicultural society. 2. What do you currently know about this topic? Unequal treatment provided to one or more people on basis of their mutual accord due to some illogical reasons is called “discrimination”, if we approach further about this concern we would realize that, there are only few countries left from discrimination especially in work place.

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Discrimination can be categorized as racial, gender and employment discrimination. It creates the mind set of an individual and considers the other people worthless, this kind of attitude towards another can be raised due to their race, religion or their skin color . This social problem can be seen more towards the work places where the workers in a company are less or unfairly treated when compared to other group of workers in terms of wages paid, promotions and employment opportunities.

It is an unacceptable behavior due to one’s personal prejudices and clashes. 3. Why does this problem concern you? Being a human, I really would like to treat everyone equally as many of the Asian and middle east people suffer a lot in European countries, U. S. A and North America as it is said “A world is a now one family or a small village” as per this motto I definitely feel that everyone has the equal rights and everyone should live in dignity.

As a student this problem affects me as well because statistics have shown that the recruiters are more likely to select an employer for a job whose last name or first name is well-known or if he is native of that country and this can lead to disappointments’ to person who is not aboriginal. So this is the biggest concern for me that the discrimination not even in work place but anywhere in the corner of the world should not be arisen. 4. How does this problem relate to your personal or professional life?

The effects of this inequity on our life may lead to drawbacks on some important phases of life; it can be social, financial as well as emotional. Social affects can be described as it may cause rejection by colleagues ,disrespect from company employees and ultimately all these show the way to emotional and unfulfilled life with a feeling of being secluded from the society resulting in a financial catastrophe in the family due to lack of unemployment . In personal life it affects the family reputation, for instance; people start staring if we join some public group, and moreover children’s in the family would feel isolated.

The only positive thing remains with us is consistency towards own ethics and principles. 5. What sources do you intend to use to research the topic? * Source: http://ccrweb. ca/ Description of the content in source: In summer 2003 the Canadian government had itself discriminated the group of Indian and Arab by categorizing under the name “terrorist” and inspected them; they were stereotyped according to their religion and appearances but later they were not found guilty and their lives were changed because of those false allegation. Source: Canada: Statistics Ethnic Diversity survey, 2003 Description of content in source: The information gathered from the phone interviews with non native Canadian the age of 15, conducted between April and August 2002. They were asked if they had experienced discrimination based on ethnicity, culture, race, skin colour, language, accent or religion; the survey showed about 587,000 non-Caucasian (non white men), non-native adults in Canada have been victim of racism, sometimes or often and the feeling of not belonging was strongest with African Canadians. Source: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=Ze_Nge5WZk Description of content in source: sexual harassment is also one kind of discrimination. Why is it necessary to have such a physical relationship with a person? Woman suffers a lot due to this excruciating harassment and they lose their faith in their jobs. * Source: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=wfxbB9EypwA;feature=related Description of content in source: This video shows how Muslim people are being discriminated by Americans. The result at the end is very interesting. 3 people stood with Muslim, 6 are against and 22 did not speak anything. * Source: CBC news Canada Monday, march15, 2010 Description of content in source: About 28 percent of 2000 pollster Environics research group in February and March said that Pakistan/ Indian people often suffer from the intolerance while the 20 percent said Blacks regularly faced it every one in three Canadian people believe that aboriginal people and Muslim people are soft targets for the discrimination. * Source: http://www. outube. com/watch? v=A7VbzzfMAuc Description of content in source: This video shows that how the different people are treated unfairly and this survey shows that 5% of disabled person faces discrimination in everyday life. 6. What questions do you have about the topic? * What steps and actions should we follow if I was racially discriminated at my work place? * Is there any shelter for the victims who are distinguished? * Why are we discriminated? * What are the factors that results into such bias verdicts?

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