Poverty in Colombia Assignment

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As we know, Colombia is still considered a developing country, not only because it shows many of the general characteristics that define that type of countries, but also because there’s one of those characteristics that is specially noticeable: poverty. Values from last year affirm that approximately 32. 7% of the population in the country lives under poverty conditions. The causes for such a high percentage are many, but there are two main reasons that we’re going to analyze in this essay: the government and society.

Government is one of the causes of poverty in Colombia as it is the main organism that should take control of the resources of the country and distribute them in an equalization way in society, but this doesn’t happen. Many times government tries to help poor people by constructing houses, giving people food for a determined time or those kinds of things, but this is useless as its effect won’t last a long time. For example, if government gives a poor family a house, they will have where to live, but owe are they going to eat, get money, go to school?

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What should be done is to provide better education services that improve the education of the youngest so later they can become professionals receiving a good pay and they are able to help their family out of poverty. The other main cause of poverty as I mentioned before is society. The middle-class and high-class society discrimination in a terrible way all of the poor population. Many times this rich part of the whole population decides to keep away all of those persons hat are not like them, thinking that those poor people are “inferior”.

What should be done about that, necessarily requires the help from the government as this one should try to create programs that involve the whole community, for example go and build a house to a poor family, with the help of the poor families members. Such actions would give an idea to the most of the population of the country of the extremely hard and rough conditions, which are part of the routine for those persons. This would probably foment the creation of organizations that are looking award to help the basic needs of those poor people.

To conclude, I can say that the two main causes that provoke poverty in Colombia are the discrimination from the society and the poor plans from the government to help that vulnerable part of society. These are also the main causes because we saw that they both keep a hard relation between each other: the government needs the help of society to help poverty, and society needs the government so they can have the resources to help poor people. Essay on Poverty in Colombia By alleviate

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