Poverty and Poor Health Assignment

Poverty and Poor Health Assignment Words: 256

Emergence Coalescence In the political arena the importance of organization, rallies, and lobbying are essential. The poor and disadvantaged are not always represented in the same fashions as others are. The poor cannot always find the transportation to visit their representative’s offices to voice their concerns, and most often do not vote as often as the non-poor population. The subject of the poor, and help for the poor are not always at the top of the list for county meetings, or representative meetings. Formalization

Medicare isa health program for people age 65 or older that can cover the cost of expensive hospital and prescription bills. There is a part A, a part B, and a prescription drug coverage program for those that qualify. Part A is a program that helps in covering inpatient care, nursing facilities, and some hospice care. Medicare Part B covers doctor visits, and outpatientcare, Part B also covers physical and occupational therapy. The Medicare prescription drug program lowers the cost of costly prescriptions that otherwise may be too expensive for the individual to purchase.

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Everyone that receives Medicare is eligible to receive this coverage, yet some individuals may be required to pay a monthly fee. Decline Bibliography Page Rapid Guidelines for Integrating Health Nutrition and Population Issues in Interim Poverty-Reduction _ Strategy Papers of Low-Income Countries, _World Bank, December 2000. Study of National Policies on Health and Poverty Reduction, WHO (forthcoming). Wheeler M, What Constitutes a Pro-Poor Health Policy? , WHO (unpublished draft). World Development Indicators 2001, World Bank. World Health Report 2000, WHO.

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