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Death will complete me Finally being able to understand what Heidegger is really pointing out, the first question that came to my mind was, “who’s not afraid of death? ” Of course everybody is afraid of it. First off, nobody knows how we will die. It’s either painful or not. And last one is we is don’t know what it is like if we died. Since no one came back to life after they died, no one can explain to us what it is like if we die. Nobody exactly knows what it is like if we die, nobody knows what will really happen to us if we die.

All we know is that when a person die peacefully and truly accepts his/her death, the rest peacefully. I’m not sure if they are happy about it or not since they may or may not be fulfilled since they have many things to do when they were still alive. This made me think if this is the reason why there are ghosts. Since they said that ghosts are the souls of those people who died who’s not peaceful and not yet fulfilled with their life and got killed by people they know or do not know. Personally, I am afraid of death, I’m not just scared but it very much afraid of it.

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If I can just plan my death, it would be a natural death, when I’m sleeping, not feeling any pain at all and I like to die after I’m fulfilled with my life. But no one knows when we will die. Death is mandatory. If death comes there will be no exception, this is the only one that we can’t escape. We can’t excuse ourselves from death, no excuse letter for death to excuse us. Death is death. No matter how much we escape it, it will still find its way to get us if it’s really our time to die.

As for what I understand there are different kinds of death: Suicide, when a person feels angry, scared, and lonely and other reasons, they kill themselves using tools that can kill them. Next is Murder, this is when people kill other people on purpose; they kill people who they hate. Next is, Accidental death caused by others, this is a type of death where people kill other people but not on purpose. Next is, Death by over dosage, this kind of death is really common among Hollywood actors and actresses they drink medicines and they don’t realize that they are already overdosed and cause death.

Next is, Death a medical problem, this type of death is when operations does and have done something wrong to the patient that caused the death. Last is Natural death, the death that everybody wants, it may be painful but it’s the only death that makes the person who died feeling more fulfilled. In these types of deaths, I experienced 3, the most common and the acceptable death is the natural death. We all know that natural death is very common, and it only comes across people who are sick or old. The next type is murder.

I experienced this when I was still young and didn’t know that it’s a very bad thing. Next is suicide, I experienced this when I was in 3rd year high school. Since, I myself don’t know what comes after death, all I can do is to pray for the person who died and cry because of the fact that the person that I loved died and I don’t have a chance to see him/her again. But how can we say that a person is already fulfilled with his/her life? Of course we will never know. Since many people don’t know how to be fulfilled with their life they tend to seek for more.

Since we all don’t know when we will die, there is always a small chance that we can say that this person is already fulfilled with his/her life. Many person die without doing anything they want and fulfill it but there is always a chance that they will be able to feel fulfillment when they are already died. As a young girl, I always here my parents say that a person can be able to live in peace after he/she dies when that person accepts the fact that he/she is already going to die. Many people experience so natural death which is the easiest kind of death.

Murder or suicide, people who died may not be able to accept his/her death, with results to not felling fulfillment with their life. My parents also say that people who died is going to stay in the purgatory which they say is the most horrible place that hell. People will suffer there for many years. If people don’t pray for that person, that person will not be able to go to heaven. Because of this fact, many people do not want to die. I have a grandmother who is 86 years old already.

Whenever something about death is brought up, she always tells us that she is already ready and she accepts that she is going to die already. Personally, I think that my grandmother is going to feel fulfillment if she dies, because she is already ready and as what I know she is happy and contented with her life. When she was young she already had a happy life, she had a wonderful husband, she has daughter who is in abroad working and happy with his husband, and she have us, her granddaughters and sons who she saw grow up and give her happiness.

If I were like this I would be contented with my life, thank God that He gave me a beautiful life and I think if I ever die like this I would feel fulfillment. As I was reading the Phenomenology of Death, honestly I had a hard time understanding what it really means, but by the help of my cousin, I began to understand the theory and it reminded me of a poem, the poem is somewhat similar to what Heidegger is pointing out from his theory. The title of the poem is: “What has this bugbear death to frighten man” What has this bugbear death to frighten man,

If souls can die, as well as bodies can? For, as before our birth we felt no pain When Punic arms infested land and main, When heav’n and earth in confusion hurled For the debated empire of the world, Which awed with dreadful expectation lay, Sure to be slaves, uncertain who should sway: So, when our mortal frame shall be disjoined, The lifeless lump, uncoupled from the mind, From sense of grief and pain we shall be free; We shall not feel, because we shall not be. Lucretius Fulfillment is really important for us to feel, without this we will not be peaceful.

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