Government Death Penalty Assignment

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The “an eye for an eye; a life for a life” reasoning supports a sense of fairness, but the truth is that does carry out an equal Just action towards an unjust action. Two of many reasonable grounds for the death penalty include bringing reassurance to the family of the murdered victim, and It sets an example to all criminals who contemplate committing a serious crime. The death penalty is a justified way to deal with criminals who have committed vile crimes.

It is not wrong when harsh Justice Is Implemented within a government’s system. Life Is a very precious thing, and when a life Is taken away It doesn’t only hurt that errors, but it hurts the victim’s family which makes them victims too. In most cases. The death penalty brings comfort to the victim’s family and friends because they know that respect was brought to the deceased victim. Additionally, the death penalty brings remembrance to the victim, and It ensures that the criminal doesn’t go unpunished.

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It is all about bringing the sense of relief and justice to the victim’s family. It must be a terrible thought knowing that a loved one has died in the hands off murderer. It is even worse knowing that the murderer Is still alive and cared for In a secure Jailhouse. Many will argue that life In prison Is a slap on the hand for the criminal because he’s been granted the chance to live, so this brings little to no sense of justice to the families of those who become victims to unjust actions.

Many criminals consider that they will have a second chance after committing a serious crime when really there should be a price to be paid after committing heinous crime. The thought of having no punishment after criminal action is unacceptable; therefore, it is a necessity to have a punishment instilled that makes Iranians think thrice before doing what they’re going to do. There needs to be a deterrent that prevents criminal catchy from arising. One of the only effective deterrents for serious criminal actively Is the death penalty.

It gives criminals a legitimate, and fearful reason to not commit a serious crime. It deters those who have already committed a serious crime from committing another serious crime by putting them to death. Deterrence will save more lives than kill those who are guilty, and worthy of the death penalty. There will always be those who believe that the death penalty is a cruel and unusual method of punishment. In fact, people also see the death penalty as become damaged by those who have no following punishment to fear.

Some will categorize the death penalty as murder, but what they don understand is that there are lives that are spared from the pitiless beings seeking to cause harm and destruction. Isolating these reckless criminals in prisons can also endanger the lives of other prisoners who may not be guilty. Misery is created by actions that are left untreated, or are left with an unfair treatment like life in prison. When an unjust action has been committed, the death penalty acts as a safeguard for future heinous criminal actions.

In conclusion, it is important to realize that the death penalty isn’t a route for revenge. It’s a route for proper Justice in proportion to murder and other acts of such nature. It is also worth mentioning that death penalties could save lives that potentially could have been harmed. It brings respect and comfort to the family and friends of the victim. It also brings respect to the victim as well. Most importantly, the death penalty brings reassurance and peace of mind knowing that a criminal has en stopped dead in their tracks before causing any more harm.

The death penalty serves as a deterrent for those who contemplate committing murder or something that is serious in crime. Criminals will think thrice before doing any mischievous activity because they will know that tomorrow wont always be guaranteed. The death penalty is not always a cruel and unusual way of punishment. A victim’s death almost certainly comes nowhere close to being as formal and humane as the criminal’s death. It’s not the person who’s being executed; it’s the reason why they’re being executed.

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