Multiculturalism and Official Culture Assignment

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Disadvantages of a Multiculturalism First of all the Multiculturalism or diversity it means that the variety of many cultural and ethnic groups of people come from everywhere to live together Within the same society. There is not an official culture that every Person must be a part of. And, these big society are living in big Cities called Cosmopolitan. These people may face a number of problems, it can be considered as disadvantages of living in a multicultural society, like losing of identity, racism, also they may become a cause of land and water pollution.

Loss of identity it is painful feeling for the immigrants. When you move to a new place and you start a new life in a new society day by day without meaning you will miss your social habit and activities, and because of this transition usually you do not find those places for prayer and for special festivals, where you enjoyed with your family and friends at hometown, which is a sad feeling.

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Racism is a big disappointment for a Multicultural society, the newcomers, refugees and immigrants are all escaped from poverty and dictatorship Governments so they think they will get a good Justice and good treatment, but unfortunately in mom places when they treated badly according to their color or their religion and so forth, it will be a painful experience. So being multicultural you don’t easily fit into one class, and not being accepted by your peers.

Sometimes it can be annoying and it gives a feeling of color bar. Misuse of garbage recycling may lead to environmental pollution, especially if the newcomers have no idea about the recycling, and the bad effect of pollution on the life. So by mistake they may start throwing the garbage anywhere in the river or sea or on the land. Which is leads to land and water contamination that is badly affecting the lifestyle and the health of people.

For these negative points, my suggestion is anyone who is like to change his lifestyle and he thinks of leaving his hometown he should contact anyone who is living in these multicultural societies, and asked about their life, and if they have faced segregation or any kind of disappointment. After that, he can take his right decision and choose the right place to complete his life in good and nice place for him and his family. Multiculturalism and Official Culture By cold

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