Hidden Beauty of the Poverty Stricken Country Assignment

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Haiti is an incredible Caribbean nation like no other. There are various gorgeous beaches in Haiti. And the coastline of Haiti is where we will begin our journey through the country from here to the heart of the country. The coastline of Haiti is unspoiled and pristine and is the perfect haven for sun-worshipers and adventure lovers. From the black-sand beaches near Jacmel to the innumerable lovely palm-lined beaches near the capital, the beaches in Haiti will give you an experience of a different kind, trust me, you won’t experience anything like it on these Florida beaches.

One of the best Haiti beaches is the Labadie beach. Labadie is a strip of land on the secluded Pointe Honore near Cape Haitian. This beach provides umpteen opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and nature walks. The Labadie beach is one of the world’s best sandy beaches. When I was taking a stroll around the side of this beach, I discovered that it is protected by coral reefs. The beaches of Haiti are beyond the meaning of beautiful. I been to Haiti several times and I visited many cities to be able to write this essay.

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Let me provide a little back round. My mother was born in Port-au-Prince and the majority of my family still resides in the same 7 bedroom house two blocks away from the presidential palace. Unlike the majority of the people, my family is wealthy. I have a enormous family with a limitless amount of cousins. My family is wonderful and every time there is a family reunion I meet about 20 unknown relatives. Each visit to my mother’s birth country opens my eyes and my mind to a better understanding the country and how it’s not what it seems like in the news.

In all actuality it is quite peaceful and serene. The word Haiti itself is an Indian word meaning “mountains,” because Haiti is a very mountainous country. As we take our journey inland we can’t help but run into mountains. The mountain ranges are incredibly beautiful and when you look at them you forget about every thing else and just stare in awe of God’s wonderful creation. There is a Haitian proverb, that says “behind mountains there are more mountains. ” This is completely true not only in life but geographically.

The mountain chains are separated by a small central plain which contains Port au Prince, which lies on the gulf. Additional small areas of flat agricultural land are found in the midst of the northern mountain chain and along the north coast. I would say about two-thirds of the country is mountainous. The highest mountain I saw was Morne de la Selle which is almost 9000 ft above sea level. I usually go to Haiti every year for one event, Carnival! Haitian Carnival is the special time of the year when millions of Haitians across the small Caribbean Island come together.

Whether you are in Jacmel or Port- Au-Prince or any other city of Haiti, at this time of the year, you will definitely find everybody come alive with parade colors, music and dance. Haiti’s Carnival starts in late January and continues till February. Haiti Carnival is the biggest party witnessed in this country. The residents of Haiti as well as foreign tourists coming to the country engage themselves in singing and dancing to the overwhelming rhythms in blinding lights and colors. This is the Haiti I have grown to appreciate.

There is nothing like the beaches in Haiti. Beautiful, peaceful and serene. There is just a unique beauty to the mountains that leave you breathless. One way you look at a Jacmel and you turn around and see the most beautiful mountain ranges. Carnival is always an awesome experience and I want to continue to enjoy it annually. I will be to look at all my experiences of Haiti and observe and cherish what I came to realize is the hidden beauty of the poverty stricken country of Haiti.

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