Globalization and the Pollution Assignment

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Each day we could hear new forms of pollution ND hundreds of people are becoming victims of this. As a result of globalization large number of industries were setup all over the world. For setting up Of industries newer areas had to be discovered,so people started destroying large forest lands. Rapid destruction of forests caused serious threat to both plants and animals . Many species of plants and animals have become extinct and many are endangered. Reports reveal that a major portion of forest area is being decreased every year. This can create far reaching consequence on the environment.

Due to decline in the number of trees,the temperature of earth is going high-This phenomenon is termed as Global Warming. Many environmentalist have come forward raising this issue,but still nobody could find a way to tackle this problem. Temperature rise causes the polar ice to melt and increase of sea level. This is a major threat to the entire living world. The next problem to be taken into account is the industrial waste. Each industry produces a huge amount of harmful waste material every day. And many of them have no proper means of waste disposal.

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They either dump the wastes into the sea or river or in some land mostly banks of rivers. As a result the land and water is being polluted. Many of the water resources have been contaminated and become unfit for drinking. Even the fishes are dying off in mass amount . Due to these reasons the problem of drinking water scarcity has turned out to be fierce. Also the outlet gases from industries are highly dangerous which includes poisonous chemicals like sulfur oxides,nitrogen oxides,carbon monoxide,toxic metals like lead,cadmium etc. -This adds to air pollution.

Air pollution has far reaching effects on human health. Mostly it affects the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system. Alienation of polluted air negatively affects the functioning of lungs and other organs of our body. Let can lead to minor breathing problems to severe respiratory disorder as the degree of exposure to pollutants increases. Sulfur oxides reacts with atmospheric water producing sulfuric acid and thus forming acid rain which causes heavy destruction to historical monuments. Such incidents have already been reported in the case of Tag Mall.

Another harmful chemical which appeared on the screen in recent times is chloroform carbons (CIFS). CIFS are considered ideal for many industrial,commercial and household applications like coolants for commercial and home refrigeration units,aerosol propellants,electronic cleaning solvents and blowing agents-CIFS were found to be the major reason for the depletion of ozone layer. Depletion of ozone layer can intern be very destructive for the living beings as it protects our earth from the harmful radiations from the sun which can lead to serious skin diseases.

Over a few cascades,the agricultural production has increased tremendously with the use of hybrid varieties of plants and highly effective fertilizers and pesticides/ insecticides. Such chemicals are hazardous to human well being. Strong evidences of neurological defects have already been reported . If this pace of globalization continues,we will have to witness dramatic environmental changes. So we will have to adopt certain CEO-friendly techniques to bring down the side effects of globalization.

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