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In order to Improve Pfizer public image and many culture we propose the following: “Students Against Substance Abuse” (S. A. S. A) – a social responsibility campaign. The campaign goal is to promote our products while creating a house hold brand image for Pfizer and reduce the negative connotation of a corporate name. We will partner with Dallas Independent School District and create S. A. S. A. An organization composed of Pfizer employees and selected students at three pilot high schools, in an attempt to solve the substance abuse outcry affecting the economically disadvantaged youth of the city.

This socially expansible campaign will improve stakeholders’ trust, improve company image, increase sales, and yield In customer and employee loyalty. The campaign will allow Pfizer and its products, such as, Chianti, Bendable, and Dilatation, to gain household name status and the benefits that go along with It. With this proposal we will explore the history of Pfizer, statistics demonstrating why the SASS campaign Is a social need for the community, a detailed plan of action, a proposed budget, and the benefits Pfizer will gain from this social responsible campaign.

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History of Pfizer ND health by utilizing science and the global resources to the Max. The company offers preventive medication, as well as treatment and cures for existing illnesses, across a broad range of therapeutic fields. At Pfizer, people make every effort to provide accessible effective, safe, and affordable products and services to everyone around the globe. For over a century Pfizer has focused on making a difference in the lives on those who depend on them for a better quality of life. (Pfizer. Com).

Throughout the years Pfizer has been committed to uphold their core values making hem the nucleus of all operations, in order to improve health, while upholding highest ethical values and practices, maintaining a customer center business approach, by giving back to the communities of their employees. Today, Pfizer has several Global Health Programs like the Malaria Efforts and International Tractors Initiative campaigns. ( pilfer. Com) Malaria The company has also developed a partnership with World’s Heath Organization (WHO) and other associations to fight malaria.

Pfizer has signed an agreement with Medicines for Malaria Venture (MOVE), giving them access to the company’s chemical compound library. Public-private partnerships such as the one mentioned are models to admire and mimic by others in developing countries, since they are extremely important in order to overcome health challenges. (Pfizer. Com). Tractors The Alliance for the Global Elimination of Blinding, or “GET 2020”, was created by WHO and Pfizer.

We pledged to provide Cutthroat in order to prevent and restore health around the globe. So far the company has donated over two hundred twenty- five Cutthroat treatments in nineteen countries. Through the years Pfizer has demonstrated its global responsibility; it is now time to show the same dedication ND responsiveness at a local level. In order to achieve that house hold name status we want and deserve. Social Problem Research shows that the brain continues to develop throughout adolescence and well into young adulthood.

Many scientists are concerned that drinking during this critical developmental period may lead to lifelong impairments in brain function, particularly as it relates to memory, motor skills, and coordination (MANIA). Liver disease used to affect mainly drinkers in the middle age, but now sufferers are getting younger. Not only is smoking a risk factor for oral and digestive tract cancers, UT now alcohol has also become a part of this trend. Adolescent’s believe that drinking will provide them pleasurable experiences and that they get to mimic the behavior of young adults.

Adolescents have to be involved in proactive activities at school to keep them away of bad habits and fatal paths. From the late sass’s until the mid-to-late sass, marijuana use by adolescents has declined, but has been on the increase since then. In 2011, 7. 2% of 8th graders, 17. 6% of 10th graders, and 22. 6% of 12th graders used marijuana in the month of July, up from the 5. 7%, 14. 2%, ND 18. 8% in 2007. 6. 6% of 12th graders now use marijuana daily, compared to the 5 % in the mid sass.

As the perception of risks related to smoking marijuana goes down, the usage of it goes up. The younger generation is showing less disapproval of marijuana use and a decreased perception that marijuana is dangerous. Synthetic marijuana has become a new major concern. Synthetic marijuana consists of herbal TECH, the main active ingredient in marijuana. Until recently, these mixtures could be obtained legally, and are still wrongly perceived as a safe alternative to marijuana. 11. %, one out of nine, 12th graders reported using it in the past year.

In 2011, 15. 2% of high school seniors used a prescription drug for medicinal reasons in the past year. The most commonly abused prescription drugs by teens are the pain reliever Vocation and the stimulant Adrenal. About 4. 4% of 8th graders, 13. 7% of 10th graders, and 25% of 12th graders reported getting drunk in the past month, continuing a downward trend from previous years. 21. 6% of high school seniors reported binge drinking (defined as having 5 or more drinks in a row) , which is a positive one third drop since the late sass.

Fewer teenagers now smoke cigarettes than smoking marijuana. In 1996-1997 cigarette smoking for high schools was at its peak but has declined significantly since then. In 2011, 1 1 . 7% of students surveyed were current cigarette smokers, which is the lowest percentage history has seen. By comparison, 15. 2 % were current marijuana smokers. Smoking cigarettes is the number one preventable cause of illness and death in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, 87% of all lung cancer cases involve tobacco use.

Cigarette smoke has been linked to several life-threatening side effects, the most common Ewing cancer of the mouth, lips throat or voice box. A smoker has an increased risk of developing cancer in the stomach, kidney, esophagi, pancreas, cervix and bladder. Friendly influences help creating similar behaviors in adolescents. Adolescents who smoke cigarettes has a risk of heart attack and stroke and the nicotine in cigarettes also cause the arteries in the legs and arms to tighten, which increase the risk of blood clots as well as damaged arteries surrounding the heart (CDC. Ova). The most common side effects of smoking include the yellowing of teeth, sore throat, bad reheat, gum disease, increased risk of bone fracture in the wrist, hips or spine, and the development of wrinkles at an early age It’s not only that young people are drinking but the way they drink that puts them at such high risk for alcohol-related problems Alcohol affects your body by causing a dehydrating effect. Alcohol dries out your skin and can lead to wrinkles and premature aging.

The following data emphasizes the necessity of launching SASS within the selected area in the city of Dallas: Source: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System 2007-2011, Dallas Drug Impact Index Project Implementation and Management Our organization, S. A. S. A. , will host three events during the school year of 2013-2014 at the following high schools of Booker T. Washington, Skyline, and Townie Center. As a mean of promoting our products and contributing to the communities. We will attempt to lower drug abuse by sharing knowledge with students.

The events will boost school spirit by promoting our motto “Break Free”. Each day will have a different theme related to our motto, along with activities for students to engage in, he week will lead up to their homecoming game, and dance. The focus will be on the harms of using legal and illegal drugs, tobacco consumption and alcohol. Once results have been analyzed, and the opportunity cost of running the campaign has perhaps across the state. Event 1: Spirit Week The campaign will be launched in the second week of October, during Spirit Week.

Spirit week is a way of introducing S. A. S. A. To the students, create buzz about Chianti/Pfizer, while unifying the student body. For example day one will be called “Break Free from substance abuse-The Consequences”. The students will dress up according to the theme. S. A. S. A. Student committee will come up with themes for days 2-5, with final approval from Pfizer employees assigned to the campaign. S. A. S. A will donate daily raffle prizes to those who participate. Prizes will range from pods to Spirit Day T-shirts, with the company logo and motto.

Please keep in mind that the day for homecoming events and Spirit Week events will vary at each school depending on the football schedule. Throughout the week the participating schools host a drug paraphernalia drive collecting items like zigzags, needles, pipes, lighters, ND actual substance. The schools will raise awareness of the harms of using and sharing such items, as well as the ecological and social dangers of not disposing of the waste properly. Each school will be in direct competition to gather the most items. Each school will need two Pfizer employees, and two teachers to dispose of items.

As items are gathered from the employees and teachers, students will be direct donors to complimentary snacks and drinks. At the end of the last medical waste gathering, the school with the most items collected will receive catering by Subway Restaurant. Paraphernalia drive will also require organizing and sorting. The materials gathered will be properly disposed of by our employees, at a nearby hospital. Event 2: Senior Picnic The Senior Picnic is a way of congratulating the senior on their hard work, usually taken too local theme park or fun place to celebrate, on March 14, 2014.

Most will be heading off to college while the rest enter the workforce. The real world, as many know, can be a cruel place, and can lead many to life of drugs. It is the perfect opportunity to put that last emphasize on drug abuse, the goal for this event is to each seniors how to overcome some of these obstacle. Before the outing S. A. S. A will speak to the students on staying above the influence. We will give them advice as to what to expect how to manage money, and not take drugs as a way of avoiding problems. As a treat to the seniors, we will bring in a guest speaker to each school to help emphasize our message.

We will also provide the senior with complimentary catering from Subway Restaurant. This day is meant for the senior to relax and not worry about anything, so we close out the school year with a short but brief ceremony on the real world. Prizes for the Senior Picnic will be for the first place winner an Pod, the second place will be 6 tickets of six flags and the third place winner GIF card of $200. Event 3: Prom The last event is prom, is the last formal dance for seniors, it is exclusive to seniors and Juniors. It is commonly for most students to host an “After Prom Party. Our plan for this event is, once again, to put the school in competition with each other to bring drug awareness. On April 01, 2014, each school will create a drug free motto and students will have the opportunity to display their art talent school district, with the deadline of May 01 . We will display on our website each motto of the school with the picture taken and drawn by the student. People from all over the world will get the The winner of the contest will receive a $500 Mastered gift card and the $15,000 grand prize for prom.

Not only will we have a competition between each school, but will also host a ceremony at the winning school on May 19, 2014, a motivational speaker will make an appearance and discuss the use of drugs. During the ceremony, we will have activities where the students get to participate in lecturing other in the harms of drug abuse. We hope to remind the student that drugs aren’t necessary for having a good time, nor will it make them look cool. Advertising We will begin spreading the word about SASS and its campaign three week before its launched.

We want to advertise where the audience is so we will utilize channel one news, a district channel available at all DISC schools broadcasted and ran by students for students. Three weeks before the launch of SASS we can have news one announce our events on Wednesday and Friday. Then the week prior to the campaign we can have daily reminders. As the campaign is running we can do the same on the tots evens 1-3 will take place (October, Mar and May). In addition, to DISC Channel One, we can also use the districts website as well as Pfizer to promote on both of the home pages.

We will create a faceable and twitter account to create event updates, and reminders. The public will be able to interact while spreading the word to their FEB. friends and twitter followers. In efforts to make stakeholders feel accomplished by making a difference and reaching out to our communities, we will create updates of the SASS campaign every step of the way via, Pfizer quarterly newsletter. In addition, we will also create quarterly updates on the following tabs of the Pfizer website targeting potential stakeholders, making them aware of our ongoing efforts to reach out to “our communities”.

We will also create SASS fliers with all three events as well as flyers for each individual event. Fliers will include name and address of participating high schools, date and time, motto, logo, message and prizes. Flyers will be placed al local hang out spots around the high schools such as Cataracts, movie theaters, and bowling alleys, the actual schools, school busses, and grocery stores. Finally, our Public relations department will assist the SASS committee in contacting local news stations to announce the grand prize winner of $1 5,000 for their prom in May of 2014, this will create a buzz and have people talking.

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