Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Assignment

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ETHNIC GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION The group that I choose was African American. They faced prejudice, segregation and Racism. It was hard for African Americans to do just about anything. They did not have Many opinions when it came down to their decisions. Dual labor market and redlining in The early stages of African Americans emancipation not many African Americans had Education or access to equality higher education. Even when they were forced into lower Labor markets if they had the proper education they would start in lower positions than

Their white counterparts. It affected African Americans for a long time in American History. Eve today early stages if dual labor market practices African Americans were Not given any meaningful jobs with structure or benefits. Today, even though there has Been somewhat significant increase in African American economical health, they still Have a long way to go and more roads blocks than their white counterparts. Environmental People of color who needed to address the inequity of started Justice Issues Environmental services in their communities.

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This struggle impose danger to the Lives of Their families, their communities and themselves. In 1964, Civil Right Act Struck down The South’s segregation laws, outlawed employment discrimination and Forbid Discrimination in Federal programs. For the black Americans living in the South The Voting rights law finally secured the right to the ballot and President Johnson Initiated a Sweeping new government policy called Affirmative Action. Its purpose was To overcome at least some of the accumulated human damage caused by 350 years of

Slavery and Jim Crow to ensure further progress toward equality. We also faced double Jeopardy, which is the effect of race ethnicity sex, and age on a wide range of variables. The relation of age to pay rate for 197 Hispanic, black and white non-managerial workers Of both sexes was examined in two organizations. Residential segregation is an example Of Institutional discrimination that has pervasive adverse effects on health. A study of The effects of segregation on young African American adults found that the climination

Of segregation would erase black white differences in earnings, education and Employment. In the 171 largest cities there is not even one cit where whites live in Ecological equality to blacks in terms of poverty rates or rates of single parent Households. The worst urban context which whites reside is considerably better that the Average black Communities. Another that affects the African Americans was reverse Discrimination, which was discrimination against members of a dominant or majority Group occurring when an employer illegally favors the hiring and promotion of

Protected groups of Minorities and women while excluding other candidates from Consideration. That is something that we still face today depending on who you may Know and your lack of Education. I can identify with the ethnic group, which I have Explained in the text due to that is all that I have been around, but now as I am getting Older and have a family of my Own I can I start to relate to other ethnic groups (African American History, Affirmative Action Help and African American Grants).

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