Ethical Norms and Values Assignment

Ethical Norms and Values Assignment Words: 401

Thus, they’re claiming that they provide stakeholder with the highest standard of values and norms, and I believe this. Norms are already – planed- part for an individual based on the majority Of the society’s expectancy. And values include morality, importance and desire the marketers find. If were Cicero, I would still have agreed on some of the statements of the ethics. But there are a few that Cicero would also disagree on. So, I as Cicero would answer as a first person.

One of the main principles I very disagree on in the article is the first list under ‘Fairness’ that the marketers “represent products in a clear way in selling, advertising and other forms of communication; this includes the avoidance of false, misleading and deceptive promotion. ” But according to my theory and story, even though he knows there are vermin in the attic of the house he’s selling, he doesn’t have to go too far as long as he “declare any defects as far as ARQ aired by law but otherwise” the house-seller has no other obligations. It’s because if he tells the buyer the truth, he is more likely to lose him and will have no profit. Yet, it is still important to keep ethical norms and values. But how? How does telling the truth about the vermin in the attic not become moral issue according to the AMA? That’s why I find some parts of the article are misleading. That’s why I feel not safe and treatable about the principle of ‘fairness’ in the article. If a buyer doesn’t at least double-check before buying anything big, they will never find further acts about whatever they’re buying before owning it; even with the AMA assistance.

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However, according to my theory, story and Antipasto’s suggestion, you have a social responsibility to the community. This matches the definition in the article which I’m very happy about. Furthermore, or my second disagreement on one of the lists in the article maintain is the honesty. They say in the first bullet of the responsibility section to “strive to be truthful in all situations and at all times. ” But according to my theory and story, the rain dealer doesn’t have to tell Rhodes about more grain is on the way, since he saw the opportunity first and so has the right to use it.

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