Advertising Which Contradicts with the Ethical Norms Assignment

Advertising Which Contradicts with the Ethical Norms Assignment Words: 699

From what aspect is that ad representing our country’s culture? The ad is nothing but a clear exploitation of our women and the culture. Another such commercial came under the brand name of TARTANS with a slogan of “ache aka shah Jar” Selling tea with such an ad campaign puts a big question on their marketing management team. By the slogan of ache aka shah Juror and a visual showing physical intimacy through dance gives a negative image of the brand about what are they actually trying to portray?

Portrayal of west influenced occasions: The advertising companies are expected to bring out commercials that put a lime light on the practiced occasions in that particular society. Talking about occasions, we come across marketing campaigns that comprises of ads which highlight occasions that are strictly condemned here in Pakistan. The Cadaver ads on valentines are one such example. The religious scholars all condemn celebrating Valentine’s Day it is said that it’s against the religious teaching and the sole behind this occasion conflicts with the Islamic teachings.

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During February we observe major practices like lectures and seminars conducted by the Muslim Alum’s on the awareness, such ads are a simple exploitation that hurt the religious side of every citizen of the state. Inappropriate timings: Advertising companies take great advantage of the on-going season if its did ads that are shown comprises of its specials. Similar goes for the Holy month of Ramadan and even Mammary, these two months Muslims are seen to be busy with worshiping and they refrain from listening to music or such nonreligious acts.

Where we come across perfectly portraying the occasion of Ramadan with Lopper’s commercials. On the other hand it seems like occasional preferences doesn’t have any impact on some brands one of which is Gumboil. Inappropriate dressing and physical intimacy continues no matter what occasion is Ewing held all over the state. Sure to display such visuals which disturbs the worshipping minds. Fake and illogical advertisements: As discussed earlier advertisement is considered as the mirror of the prcasing society, but we observe marketing agencies faking the ethics of our society.

We live in a male-dominant society where generally females aren’t allowed to take their decisions on their own there has to be a male influence on her choice/decision; but what we see in the commercials is opposite to this; Lopper’s this specific ad came up with the slogan “MERE INTERTAN” where it is shown hat a woman is to choose whatever she thinks is best for her starting from her education to the love of her life and then the number of children she must have, there must be some serious consideration drawn to such activities where our women are being flattered and fantasized about things they’ll never be able to perceive.

Daily dose: Don’t watch television? Or switch off channels to avoid such vulgarity? Don’t worry they proudly present: These billboard’s images are taken from all-over Pakistan. It could be seen that different brands market their products using inappropriate and completely unethical mages.

Analysis: Pamper-Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority is the federal institution responsible for not only regulating and issuing licenses for establish of the mass- media culture, print and electronic media but according to article-19, chapter 1 of the constitution of Pakistan it has the legal power to impose reasonable restrictions of interest of the religion ( ISLAM ), the integrity and national security of Pakistan.

PAMPER is expected to come up with strict rules about airing obscenity and make sure that the channels refrain from doing so. What actually PAMPER does: After petitions oiled by Justice (reed) Washing Aimed and a former chief of the Jam-e-legalism, Jazz Hussein Madam, the Supreme Court directed Pamper to formulate policy guidelines against vulgarity shown on TV channels. According to a law already in force, TV channels are barred from telecasting any obscene material.

Ephemera’s reply to it certified it being a non-serious institution; “No definition for obscenity or vulgarity exists in the Constitution, the Pakistan Penal Code or Pamper laws”.

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