Discrimination Assignment

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I would like to tell about a racial discrimination which happened when I was studying at high school of “Computer Technologies”. I personally witnessed that discrimination. The situation was between the teacher and the students. The teacher, who was a white female of Zebu origin, behaved very differently towards her white students and the two black Egyptians. She was unjust towards her black Egyptian students. A white Zebu student always arrived late, put her books down on table and oft the classroom whenever she wanted.

Besides, even if she arrived late and she was marked present. This happened on a regular basis and the student was always marked present. The discrimination occurred when, one day, two black Egyptian students had to leave 5 minutes before the end of class. They were permitted to leave but were marked absent. Compared to the white student, they had spent much more time in class and they had only missed 5 minutes, whereas the white student had spent merely 5 minutes in the class and she was the one who was marked present.

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After that, I spoke up to defend the black Egyptians, unfortunately I was suspended for talking back at the teacher. Discrimination is often defended but is suppressed by the higher authorities who are in the position to do so. These voices stay, most of the time, unheard. This kind of racist attitude, especially coming from one of the heads of an institution, can truly penalize the student. It does not only falls under the category of racist discrimination but also of segregation. By favoring one student, the teacher is removing the chances for the other students to succeed.

The cord of the black Egyptian students is scared due to the absences marked, while, on the other hand, the white student has a clean record. To conclude, Judging someone because of their race difference is wrong and the voices that defend discrimination have to be heard. If a person’s background, or the way they look is different from others, this must be accepted and they should be treated equally because it is the same God who has made all of mankind, some black, some white, and some brown so that we can learn to be open-minded and accept all of his creation. Discrimination By andiron

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