Discrimination Assignment

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Discrimination is described as “the prejudicial or distinguishing treatment of an individual based on their actual or perceived membership In a certain group or category’. Though delimitation Is still found In modern society today, It Is not as violent as it had been many years ago. Over the generation time we learned to accept different human qualities whether it’s the color of your skin, your orientation or personal beliefs.

Eventually the acceptance of a person’s individuality has become more and more acknowledged compared to the way people were treated a long time go, but even though our society had started accepting these differences there are still many problems we face In modern civilization today concerning both the Physical attributes of a person and their ethnic backgrounds.

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Humans can’t help but to stereotype, it is a basic opinion People form by observing the actions, apparel or physical features of a person, sometimes though the Judgment off person based on looks goes too far and is considered discrimination. Back than African Americans had no rights whatsoever and when they finally did obtain those rights they were abused by others, leeched, and put own the black society couldn’t do what they wished without the whites discriminating against them. In the movie James Farmer Jar. Attaches as his African American father, an elite wise man, has to do as the dumb farmers command him to because back than even though the “equal rights” were out, African Americans weren’t treated as equals, and though Juniors father was much smarter and more professional than the two dumb white farmers, he had to do as they asked if he didn’t want to get shot. This part of the movie portrayed the way African Americans as well as all of the other non-white population was treated back then.

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