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Three main causes of poverty Poverty, the stage of being indigent or extremely poor is the common phenomena of the world. Today about one-fifth of the world’s population lives in extreme poverty. For example, Indonesia, Filipino, Africa and Afghanistan. They don’t have adequate food, water, sanitation, education or healthcare, poverty may leads to dead and extinct. The causes of world poverty are widespread diseases, geographical location and unethical company. Firstly, widespread diseases is one of the main causes of poverty.

Poor countries Anton afford for the highly cost vaccines of tropical diseases like AIDS and HIVE even if they were available. Besides that, the widespread illness slows a nation’s economic performance by reducing people’s ability to work. It is a long term effects as high incidence of disease can change the age structure of a country population. In societies with high child mortality rates, most mothers tend to have more children to ensure that at least some children will survive to adulthood. This causes a large population of children in the particular countries.

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With so, education of young comes extremely difficult. Furthermore, it stops the women from participating in paid work for a long time because they always have young children to care for. Secondly, geographical location is also one of the causes of poverty. Poor country at mostly in tropical zones. Tropical zones have higher susceptibility of infectious diseases and lower agriculture productivity than nations in temperate zones. Besides that, there are over 300 to 500 million cases of malaria annually and most of these cases happens in the tropical zones. Malaria also causes between 1 million and 2. Lions individuals’ death every year, this also decreases the working ability of people. In addition, the abundance of pets and parasites commonly found in tropical zones limits the agricultural productivity. These pets and parasites are hard to curb as they can mutate easily to overcome the vaccines administrated to the crops. Besides, sea trades are relatively much cheaper than land or air trades. For example, the cost of transporting goods across short distance in central Africa is higher than England to North Africa by sea. Hence, companies at the coastal regions can benefit more and eave relatively higher revenues than others.

Last but not least, poverty also cause by the unethical company. Wealthy companies set up factories in poor countries to make items, they do nothing to reduce poverty. These companies are only interested in the profits they can make. Many developing countries are pressured by rich companies to produce labor- intensive produce, they are so desperate for industries to be established that they provide their labor particularly cheaply. The labor intensive items produced are then sold in developed countries at high prices and the profits are kept by the impasse and not reinvested it reduce poverty among workers.

These conditions only increases poverty and dependency for the people in these countries. Finally, poverty is not only the problem of developing and poor country but it is a worldwide problem. A big effort is needed with cooperation of every party to overcome poverty. For examples, governments in developing countries should countries and company should provide some free vaccine and donations would make a tremendous difference in reducing disease and increasing food production in the world’s poorest countries.

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