Breaking Norms Assignment

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Usually, the World Trade Centre bound E train on weekdays morning are mostly occup ied by whitecollar workers and college students. Generally, working men and wome n are in their formal attire and students in casual such as jeans, sneakers, baseball hats an d etc. The train makes 13 stops in Manhattan and about 10 or more in Queens region. While t ravelling to their destination people are mostly reading books, newspapers, listening to music, playing games on their phone or tablet, talking to someone they are acquainted with or sit id e maintaining a nonexclusive course to kill time.

So, first, I decided to break the norm of proper dressing by wearing a clumsy outfit which is my bedtime shirt, pajama and an owl face slipper on a weekday mor ning. In extension, I also had a grunge look with full grown beard and messy hair. ho pped on the train from Lexinton Avenue, 53rd street at 7 0’clock in the morning. As I stepp ed inside, it was quite packed, about a quarter were college students and rest were whitecollar workers in their suits and ties mostly in their mid 30’s or more. Quickly found an empty eat right in the heart of that compartment and sat on it.

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There were a group ladies in formal attire around their mid 30’s sitting right infront of me as one ofthem was putting makeup and re st were sitting idle; on to my right were 3 gentlemen standing tall in suits and ties assuming t o be in their late 40’s exchanging headlines on their phones and newspapers, and on to my left were few college students with their headphones on and hooked on to their gadget. In no time, my first objective was accomplished as I could see the woman who was putting make up switched her ttention from her tiny circular portable mirror on to my owl faced slippers al ong which I could notice her brows puckered in frown.

The Other ladies sitting next to her discr eetly glanced and quickly looked away. As I looked on to my right purposely attempting to make eye contact, I’ve noticed the man standing next to me softly shooked his head with great si gns of disapproval written all over his face but surprisingly there weren’t any effect 0 n those students as they were still listening to their music and playing games on their phone wi thout a single change in their course. Next, I decided to take out an electric trimmer of my pocket along with my ph one.

As I turned on the frontfacing camera of my phone to use it as a mirror and starte d trimming my beard I could see great tension rising in the atmosphere of that compartment . I could hear murmurs, whispers and footsteps of people standing next to me creating dist ance and disapproving. also noticed heads shaking; as signs Of criticism, disgust and n egligence was all over the place. This made me feel very uncomfortable. In their viewpoint m y appearance and behavior was disturbing and disrespectful.

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