Breaking Free of Societal Norms Assignment

Breaking Free of Societal Norms Assignment Words: 624

The Greatest Change is the Change of a Single Person Societal norms are strange things, created by everyone trying to fit in with everyone else; which can cause numerous problems. No one person can fight this, but a single person is always the start of a change in society. As we can see historically, currently, and written abundantly in literature, social norms are hurdles to be Jumped over by a single man or woman trying to be themselves in an effort to make a change.

History is always doomed to repeat itself if not learned from, however most major changes in history start with the change of society. The American Revolution is a prime example of this, when the colonials were tired of unrestrained control from across the sea social norms were bound to be broken. In society at this point rioting and violence in no way were standard to life, but a few brave people will lead too few more, which leads into an entire revolution.

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This breaking free was incredibly beneficial to the early settlers, and especially now because those minor settlements grew into a major world power. An incredibly similar process happened with the termination of segregation. A few brave people turned into many people which of course spiraled into an entire cascade of protestors filling the streets. These individuals wanted change, so they brought it upon themselves to make a better society. History always repeats itself; it is Just inevitable, which meaner that current society can undeniably follow this pattern.

In most places across America societal norms dictate how the majority of citizens act in public. While in any random elevator, it may be extremely awkward to engage a trainer in conversation, but in the process of avoiding confrontation one also passes up an opportunity to be acquainted with an otherwise stranger. Most would not even consider being more than silently polite while in an elevator with an unknown peer. If everyone in a society were to be more willing to talk to people they do not know, then most likely society would become a friendlier place in general.

When a student gets dressed for school they dress for their peers and not for themselves in most cases. Imagine a school filled with fancily-clad students, all ready to take on the day and earn as much as possible. While it may not be the best idea, everyone wearing their Sunday best to school would almost guarantee a better learning environment for everyone. Sometimes it is the simple things that can make a society better as a whole. Literature, one of the most powerful teachers of lessons of course teaches about societal norms as well.

In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, a young woman breaking free of societal norms and slowing down life, and enjoys “to smell things and look at things” (Bradbury 7). This carefree girl realizes that society is not what she wants it to e, so she does not do what society wants her to, and honestly, she is happy because AT It I nee mall protagonist, Montage Is naively Innocence Day near way AT Tie Ana decides it is time to make a change to his as well, which can possibly lead to another person which will then spiral into a massive change in the society that they know.

History, literature, and modern society are essentially reflections of one another in one way or another. Every change within all 3 starts with at least one person deciding they want something more out of life. When one person decides it is time for a change, then others will follow overtime.

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