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“A war where every man Is enemy to every man,” where people live In ” continual fear and danger of violent death. ” Thomas Hobbes, an English political philosopher, describes what life would be without a government. All governments tax. Punish, regulate and restrict their citizens in order to help accommodate peace and protection. The federal government has many purposes in which it protects the citizens and the the principles that the nation was built upon.

One of the governments objectives is to establish Justice and Insure domestic rancidity. The citizens agree to a social contract In which they are provided protection of lives and property In exchange for being regulated In tax. These principles help avoid groups of individuals from settling their conflicts by rioting and fighting. For example, Somalia never had a stable central government which led to many civil wars that eventually took over the government.

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In addition, the government provides for the common defense. Warfare has been linked to the origins of government In order to be protected by other civilians wanting to take over. A country that does not have a secure government, falls to control violence and endangers human lives and property within the country. Furthermore, the government promotes general welfare in multiple ways. It provides goods and services for the citizens because it will be too expensive for individuals to pay for it themselves.

They provide the citizens with an open free market where they can buy their goods and services. In order for it to operate properly, the government regulates to see if individuals participate In unfair competition. For example, in sports, players from different leagues go out Into the free market where they can acquire substances that enhance their performance. Governments also use Income transfers, which are incomes 2 from taxpayers to provide support and care to persons who can’t supply these things for themselves through the Job market.

Some large transfer payments go to farmers, veterans, and the unemployed regardless of their personal wealth. Additionally, all governments need to malting order, provide national defense, supply public goods, jugulate society, and care for those who can’t care for themselves but democratic governments need to protect individual liberty by making sure all people are equal under the law.

A democratic government also must protect citizens’ freedoms to speak, write, practice their religion, and exercise their rights. In the preamble, a mission statement, the government strives for a perfect union in which the founding fathers understood that there would never be a completely perfect union figuring It would be something that would need constant care and hard work to achieve a deter place for people to live.

All of us would be represented in the the decisions of a nation. It would be closer to perfection, but would be able to be adjusted for anything that we may find to help make it even better in the future. Also the founding fathers have been convinced to provide few limited rights for the federal government to form and regulate an army due to the weakness of the first thirteen colonies in establishing these principles will get us closer to our impossible goal.

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