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The tsar government was affected by the First World War. There are two possible answers to this statement. -Tsar government was significantly weakened by FEW- Before 1914, Russian society was very unhappy with the Tsar government. Surprisingly, Russia participation in the war woke up Russian people patriotism and people disagreement on Tsar ‘s government remained in the background, almost forgotten. This was the first time in many years that Russian citizens were proud to e Russian, In fact, they were willing to fight for their country.

Terrorist strikes against Nicholas ceased in order to show support in their new national cause: War. The German army overpowered a Russian army, whose high point was having a lot of soldiers but on the other hand having lack of resources (ammo, weapons) and no proper leadership. After some more looses, Nicholas took a shot on leading himself the Russian army yet he had no experience on commanding. This made no difference to the war but giving people another reason to blame Nicholas, responsible for Russia s misery, and enhance people idea of taking down his government.

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Even the army, In 1917, started supporting this idea. These events triggered a reaction In the Russian population. Sectors that supported Tsar government sided against him for the first time. Tension once again was settled in Russia and revolutionary movements reappeared. -FEW event din ‘t mean a significant weaken to the Tsar government- Nicholas II became a Tsar in 1894, with the majority of Russians living In poverty with no possibility of Improving their condition. The main supporter of the Tsar’s anarchy was the Orthodox Church (Rich and powerful which gave Tsar a “Divine approval”.

Tsar was respected and recognized as an authority for the Russians. Apart from them, only high classes supported the Tsar. Peasants, workers and the middle class were exploited (Industry workers had to work almost 20 hours a day) and very discontent. At that time, social movements against the Tsarist regimen were starting to become popular. However, the Tsar lost the population respect definitely during the crucial event of 1905 known as the Bloody Sunday, where the Tsar defense corpse Osaka) opened fire on a pacific social protest that were Just asking for human rights.

Also, Russian army was humiliated by the Japanese in the Japanese-Russian war (1904-1905), being easily defeated and showing the world they were t as powerful as they seemed. Both Japanese-Russian war humiliation and Bloody Sunday factors combined, turned things around. From now on, Russian people will blame the Tsar for the Russian misery and finally, trigger the 1905 revolution. The Tsar Government was weaker than ever. The nation was In real tension and Nicholas was the main cause.

In order to appease Russian people, he came up with the October Manifesto, promising to grant personal liberties and the creation of a parliament. The Manifesto was enough to chill the Russians and hope for change. None of this promises were intended to After analyzing both answers, Russia entering the First World War had a major impact on Tsar Government weakening process. First World War was Tsarist regimen death sentence and the most powerful reason to blame the Tsar for Russian misery. In brief words, Bloody Sunday and Japanese-Russian war set the stage, First World Near, proved to be the tipping point.

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