To what extent is government investment in businesses Assignment

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To what extent is government investment in businesses manufacturing in the I-J the most significant factor in the revival of British Industry By Charlie-Buddha To what extent is government investment in businesses manufacturing in the I-J the most significant factor in the revival of British Industry? Justify your answer with reference to your own research and the Item above. Plan: HTTPS://www. Gob. UK/government/publications/food-and-drink-in-the-UK-investment- opportunities/food-and-drink-in-the-UK-investment-opportunities Food

Food and drink is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK with turnover of EWE billion. With over 8,000 companies in this industry and they employ approximately 400,000 people. With Investment, It sees 10,000 new products being Introduces being introduced to the market every year. The market Is continually changing, with consumers demands differing each year. Products become discontinued, as the retailers deal with the differing demand, therefore the 5 largest retailers place an average of 8,500 new products in their stores each year.

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Such as healthy eating, of which the government supports fully, so investment occurs in R&D to tackle the rising concern about obesity and diabetes. The UK supply chain distributes over 6. 3 billion cases of products each year. The Auk’s wide distribution network means that deliveries can be made and returned inside the UK within 24 hours. The quality of food means that the government heavily invest in it so that that the LIKE keeps the title as producing the safest and most hygienic in the world. Yet this can only occur due to technology, as advanced diagnostics use the latest technology to monitor imported odds etc.

By using technology It has allowed for the food sector to meet consumer needs and Increased productivity. With many companies focusing on functional food development, with the market currently worth El . 2 billion In the K. The E is the largest single market in the world, with a population of nearly 500 million. The UK food sector is an important trading partner with Wrote, with two thirds of the Auk’s estimated E. 5 billion food and drink exports going to the ELI. Industry employs more than 400,000 workers, representing nearly of the overall manufacturing Rockford In the I-J.

Turnover of EWE. Ban annually, accounting for 18. 3% of the total manufacturing sector by turnover. Invests Emma Into R&D, translated Into over 16,000 new products in 2013/14 Increased the productivity of its labor force over the last 10 years by 12% leaving food and drink workers in the Uk nearly 50% more productive that the E average. Automotive The automotive Industry Is multiplier Industry, allowing for the creation of extra Jobs. Equipment Manufacturers want to source approximately E billion more components nth ELK.

Therefore with government investment, it would allow for growth in vehicle and engine production, meaning greater demand for components in the I-J. With greater demand it means that there should be an increase in Jobs, with new opportunities for companies to enter the Auk’s automotive supply chain, thus reducing the levels of unemployment in the country. Research and Development is funded by government investment too, as Auk’s universities and research centers spent El . Billion on this, researching low-carbon technologies.

Such as a strategy for new altar low emission vehicles, which would then allow for the I-J to meant the terms of the Kyoto Protocol and not have to pay fines. This can be highlighted by the government investing IEEE million over the next ten years on Advanced Propulsion Centers, trying to recruit more than 7,600 apprentices and 1,700 graduates. The Low Carbon Funding Landscape Navigator has been developed to provide clear guidance on public and private funding sources and support businesses for UK low carbon energy products. Due to the Auk’s location, it is ideal to export products and services overseas.

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