The Media and Its Effects Assignment

The Media and Its Effects Assignment Words: 563

The media is one of the most influential role to play on society. All types of media have several varieties and ways to influence and impact the world and its society that contributes to the media. Newspapers, magazines, television, music, art, electronics, fashion, religion, sports, etc. , are all types of media that contribute to our culture and media in society. Culture describes us in unique expressions throughout certain media. It is defined as the symbols of expression that individuals, groups, and societies use to make sense of daily life.

As we listen to music and television, in our minds we tend to make connections and comparisons with other things and try to define the meaning to it. Culture is a process in which it delivers its values through products for us to interpret. Mass media is the most controlling industry using several diverse channels of communication. Movies, the internet, newspapers, novels and books. These types of media are the most revolutionizing sources to mass media and mass communication; whether its digital, oral, electronic, or print. The world experiences different eras of time with different types of media controlling its culture.

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Times and generations have changed along with its media expansion. Obviously the media has gradually progressed with time and became a bigger influence within its society. But has it changed for the better? Or worse? In the 70s and 80s, talk shows and game shows shown on the television were popular. It was the new idea created to get people to watch television. It not only enthused them but kept them interested. During the 90s, certain game consoles came about such as the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis which was the new revolution for video game boomers.

Starting the 21st Century, new video game consoles, the internet, and cell phones became a big hit. People wanted faster, better, smaller. Video game graphics are more realistic than ever now. The internet is faster. And cell phones are thinner, smaller, and more convenient for the consumer. When we critique the media and culture, we think about what the message it is trying to get across with understanding. For example with music, we think about what the lyrics are trying to say, what type of audience it brings, nd what genre of music it comes from in order to connect these analyses. When it comes to an article in a newspaper or magazine, we re-read the ideas and its type of language. For television shows and movies, we slow down or rewind the images and approach it with different perspectives in order to make sense of it. But the benefits of the critical perspective of the media helps us get important messages across the nation on television such as 9/11’s tragedy. Even simple gestures such as the weather, accidents, traffic, or gas prices.

By becoming critical consumers, we are helping society on its problems and necessities in order to make their product or statement better observed and fixed. By criticizing, examining, and processing ideas we are only helping the media with its flow of participating consumers and popularity. The five steps to capturing a certain media’s stimulate, is description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and engagement. Critiquing these steps helps our society advance and move forward together finding its weak and strong points, and how to ascend to make it better.

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