The Government should spend more money Assignment

The Government should spend more money Assignment Words: 290

The Government should spend more money on providing free leisure facilities for teenagers” believe some teenagers nowadays don’t get enough attention. Their parents have long working hours and have some other problems in their everyday life. They don’t take time to talk with their children so they don’t really know what is happening with them. After school these youngsters have nothing to do. They hang out in gangs and they start committing crimes while their parents think they are at home.

A possible solution would be that the government should provide free leisure facilities for teenagers so they could spend their time more effective. These teenagers vandalism telephone boots, bus stops and everything that is in their way. They have too much accumulated energy and they can’t channel them. For example private gyms and some sports are too expensive, so these free facilities could be sports which would help poor but talented young people and improve their health and fitness too. Some people say politicians in the government don’t know what teenagers enjoy and it

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Mould be better to spend these money on developing the country. But in my opinion, government has never spent enough money on teenagers, however they are the next generation, the people who will control our country In 15 years, so It is very Important to give them well education and to make available free sport faculties and anything that could help In reducing their boredom which sometimes leads to unnecessary Times. If the government would spend more money on these leisure facilities there Mould be less aimless teenagers on the streets and then they could grow up with more possibilities even If their parents can’t afford these.

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