The Five Principles of Goverment Civics Assignment

The Five Principles of Goverment Civics Assignment Words: 483

If you answered no in the beginning of this paragraph you will certainly change your mind by the end of this essay. Popular Sovereignty, to me, is one of the top three principles government. Without it, the executive will change into a dictator. All the writings come together and support this principle. The Magna Cart states that, “except of the lawful judgment of his equals”. This is relevant to popular sovereignty because the people are involved otherwise, the people are the government. In most scenarios, most government officials would be sold their justice for their actions.

As Limited Government is defined as laws apply to everyone even those who govern, the philosophy, of limited government is supported by the English Bill of Rights. The Magna Cart states, “To no one we will sell… Justice”. This applies to limited government and rule of law because all people who are a part of this country follow all the rules, with no acceptation. Without Limited Government and Rule of Law our government would fall to pieces. The definition of Federalism is no form of government in which power divided between the federal or national government and the states.

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The Federalist Papers states, ‘We see it particularly displayed final subordinate distributions of power where the constant aim is to divide and arrange the several offices… ” The quote’s saying that both state and national government can have different laws. If Florist’s state government wanted to have a law that was all tenth grade students were required to take an astronomy class, the government can, because the state’s gob. Can have separate laws from the nation’s government. In summary, The Federalist Papers say that the aim of the government is to prepare the federal and state powers.

Without Separation of Powers, the branches of government would crash together and that would lead to arguments. One thing lead to another and our government would fall apart. (Do you see a repeating phrase? ) Momentousness’s Writings support this principle. It states, “Were it [judiciary] joined with the legislative the life and liberty of the judge would be exposed to arbitrary control; for the judge would then be legislative. ” This means that the legislative and judiciary would control the court system and nobody would get a fair trial.

Lastly, Checks & Balances, the checking of others. If legislative is doing something that not everybody agrees with, then the judiciary can come in and express his thoughts. The Federalist Papers states, “But what government itself is, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature. ” That’s saying that everybody reflects on one and another and gives their thoughts. Checks & Balances bring all five of the principles of government together. Do you remember the question asked you in the beginning; have you ever eared of at least one of these writings…?

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