Take advantage of government politics Assignment

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New technological advances created by competitors them in order to be more efficient. ( SW, 20, SIS) 3. In a global market the company has to be clearer with the prices in specific products and try to compete with the others companies. 40, OWE) 4. Create a new way to distribute their products ( logistic with the supply chain) (1 W, OWE,06) 5. Create promotions for products that do not sell easily. ( 50, OWE, AS) 6. Designing a better system to achieve expansion within the organization. (OWE, 60,AS) 1 . Possible alliances and agreement with neighbor countries. 2. Government policies o increase participate income of consumers and support business growth. 3. Entrance in new markets such as USA. 4. High cultural diversity in Latin America 5.

More opened markets in global context, it means more trade facilities 6. New technologies and ways of distribution for some products. SST Strategies 1 . Develop indicators that measure, System capabilities vs… Product demand, in order to know their market participation and ensure a 100% of it. (SSL, TO) 2. Take advantage of the technological integration in production and suppliers’ alliances to reduce production cost, protecting the product from Talc’s low cost new entrants. SO, SO, TO) 3.

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Develop new selling channels to increase service scope, using mass media and social network to promote their products, and reassure their differentiation from competitors. (TO, SO, SSL) WET Strategies 1 . Buy a fleet of transportation, to ensure compromise directly from the company’s workers, protecting itself from competition’s high quality service. (WI , WWW, TO) 2. Expand the system capabilities, to avoid getting stuck in the market while competition grows. (WWW, WWW, TO) 3. Invest in advertising campaigns for the weakest products in the portfolio, to ensure market share above competition.

WWW, TO, TO) 4. Develop new products that stand out because of their low prices and focus on small buyers, winning over the retail sector’s market. (WWW, WWW, T 1) 1. Possible instabilities in the exchange rate. 2. TTL agreements, which reduce taxes for international competitors. 3. Innovation of the competitors products 4. Entry of new competitors. 5. Weather events such as intense rains, drought season, earthquakes and tsunamis could increase the costs of raw materials. 6. Regulation and legal barriers to massive products (exporting and importing). 7. Economic instability in retail sector.

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