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With reference to the source, outline how coalition government has affected appointments to the Cabinet. Coalition government has affected appointments to the Cabinet as mentioned In the source, the initial allocation of cabinet seats was decided between the Prime Minister and his deputy. Another reason is that the allocation of the cabinet seats will be in line with relative party strengths in the House of Commons.

Lastly, in the future, Conservative nominations will be made by the Conservative leader, and the Lib Deem nominations by the Lb Deem leader. B) With reference to the source and your own knowledge, explain why collective responsibility is an Important aspect of UK government. The source describes some of the reasons why collective responsibility is important. One reason why it is important is because it means that there will be collective discussion of policy making. This is good because it means that there are a number of people coming together to discuss their views.

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Another reason why collective accessibility is an important aspect of the UK government is that it means that discussions inside the cabinet remain private. This is good because if discussions got on into the public, then people may take the information the wrong way or may not agree and this may cause problems. Therefore, for it to be kept private Is Important. Lastly, collective responsibility Is an Important aspect of the UK government because it means that all ministers will support decisions made within the cabinet. ) How Important Is the Cabinet? There are a lot of reason for why the Cabinet is important. Firstly, they settle disputes such as the budget cuts coming from the coalition in 2012. Secondly, when there is an emergency, the cabinet is called to directly make decisions for example on 9/1 1, 7/7 and the Invasion of Iraq In 2003. These are decisions that are Just too Important and too big for one man and a few advisers to settle, so therefore, Tony Blair had to use his cabinet during these events.

The latest example of the cabinet’s importance s the removal of Thatcher in 1990; when a prime minister goes to far the cabinet can get rid of them as they did with Thatcher after she tried to avoid them with the poll tax. There are also certain governments that do use their cabinet a lot such as John Major, and sometimes they are forced too, such as the current coalition with the Conservatives and Liberal democrats.

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