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Run by a nine-member board of electors, their primary responsibility s to adopt an annual budget, set the current property tax rate, create priorities to address health, welfare, education and all of the other County’s needs and to work together for the greater good of the society. The Office of The Tax Collector (the department I worked in) is responsible for ensuring MEG operates In a successful and proficient manner. The Tot’s focus and responsibility Is for the collection of Ad Valor Taxes, Encumbering County prime Income source.

These are taxes on real property (land and buildings) motor vehicles, boats, trailers, and other personal property Including business taxes Income- reducing personal property, such as the equipment Inside of a restaurant). Because Mac’s budget relies on a big portion of the anticipated revenue from taxes, it is imperative the ETC is successful in its collections attempts. MEG services are funded through the payments of property taxes, local sales taxes, fees and other resources. Property taxes are the largest source of revenue for MEG. Strengths: An advantage for working for the county would be Job security/stability.

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In today’s weak economy, Job security Is becoming more significant than compensation and benefits. Job stability Is an Important attribute of the employer-employee allegations. Most government positions have a high level of Job security regardless of a good or recessed. Simply put, the Job must go on. Private sectors have to cut cost and with today’s financial system, Job stability is not as rampant before. Companies that have proven successful and leaders in the industry such as Bank of America, Wichita, JP Morgan, Home Depot, GM and Citreous are downsizing or outsourcing.

There has been an obvious decline in both Job security and Job stability, which makes working for local county government a more desirable option, given the benefits and detriment packages (The unemployment rate In NC alone Is 12% and 3 million Americans have lost their job since the beginning of last year (http://bifocal. Go. Com/ Keeping a good Coo Is Nora Ana Telling one Is even nearer now . Because tanner Is a huge decline in employee options, people are making choices to stay on a Job or sacrifice more pay for a greater chance of keeping their Job.

Encumbering County Government employs almost 5000 people (not including contract workers) who if doing their Job duties well and are staying in line with personal performance measures, have somewhat of an assurance of being employed another day, another onto, another year, until they reach age or years of service for retirement. Weakness: Though Job security and stability are great advantages when working in the public sector there are also downsides. One of which would be non-competitive Pay.

Because governments work on budgets, it put constraints on employee salaries; these resources are approved and allocated by the board, in advance for the year. Salaries are set and are not negotiable (they fall within the hiring range); raises are typically 3%, to keep in line with the financial plan for each department. Most department heads have to wait on funding and budgets for raises, Job openings and reallocated resources (like tuition reimbursement). Each department is given a certain amount of money from the budget to operate efficiently for the year.

They have to use those funds for everything from supplies, to a salary for a new employee. Once the employees salary is factored into the budget it, stays whether or not the employee does. Another weakness in the government culture is: Employees and managers are resistant to change. MEG are governed by rules and regulations and are not Halloween or easily manipulated as in the private sector. Management less open to new ideas or changes and there is little to no flexibility in rules. The Job duties and responsibilities are clear and concise (to some degree), therefore innovative ideas from employees are shunned upon.

It almost takes an act of Congress (so to speak) to make changes to any outlined statute in MEG. For some people coming from a private sector into a government culture, it makes for a hard transition, getting acclimated to such a slow, non-supportive culture of change. Opportunities: Increase Employee Motivation and Satisfaction. Deprived morale can result from a workers perception that they are or will be treated unfairly. Importance and gratitude are the keys to motivation and employee satisfaction.

Management should encourage workers and communicate their skills and knowledge is valued. A stimulated employee is one that is appreciated and is more likely to be a loyal one. Enhance Workforce Retention & Recruitment. Giving employees what they really want and sometimes need like appreciation, a chance to achieve new skills, open lines of communication with management, and an opportunity to make a difference, achieve ore than expected. In government cultures, it is not likely that one can excel and achieve greater levels of advancement.

There are limited opportunities to go up the success layer, you letter stay In ten same Coo until you retire or change Into another job all together. Increase Employee Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. Training, training, training… MEG could increase employee proficiency with proper training, instruction and reinforced guidance. Helping their employees achieve their personal career objectives by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to reach it could be tautly beneficial. The government gets what they need, and the employees skills, abilities and knowledge are increased which could lead to a self sufficient worker.

Improve Employee Efficiency: [pick] Remind employees of their role and how it affects their coworkers [pick] Make the work environment a place where people want to be [pick] Be flexible [pick] Track the workflow in the office [pick] Enhance employee teamwork [pick] Provide easy access to company policies & procedures (including NC General Statutes) Threats: There is minimal opportunity for advancement. As in most government positions, once you are in a spot, it is for the life of the time you are with the company, unless you apply for another Job.

When I worked for the ETC, employee moral was considerably low, management was unavailable for their department, the unit was not motivated for change, let alone for innovative ways to exceed. There was no goal structure in place, and as long as you helped the tax payer, came to work on time, took your mandated lunch and breaks, your Job was pretty much secure. The genre of employees being hired with MEG is coming in with more experience and education and some may feel stifled once they are acclimated into their position. They may want more than what the county is able to offer in terms of progression.

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