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Project Option Two: Busy Salesperson 1. A description of your client’s age, gender, weight, height, and typical daily physical activity. * My Client is (The “Gamer,” Busy Salesperson, or Marathon Runner): * Age: 23 * Gender: Female * Weight: 125 * Height: 5’4 * 2. An analysis of your client’s body composition, including calculated body mass index (BMI) and BMI goals. * Your client’s calculated BMI score _21. 5_ * Your client’s BMI indicates that he or she is: Healthy Weight * Do you agree with your client’s BMI interpretation? Why or why not? Yes. She is probably pretty skinny but at a healthy weight. Write a specific, measurable goal indicating if your client should maintain, decrease, or increase their BMI. She should maintain her BMI by doing the same eating habits that she has been doing. She works out regularly and should also continue that. * Regardless of your client’s goals, describe what they would need to do in terms of caloric input and output to: Lose weight: Walk an hour on the treadmill instead of 45 minutes and eat a few less calories and fats. Gain Weight: Instead of walking briskly on the treadmill for 45 minutes, walk slowly for 30 minutes only 3 times a week.

Eat more fats such as nuts and oils. 3. Identify at least two specific nutrients identified by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as a priority for your client’s population and at least three food sources that supply each of these nutrients. She should have dairy & protiens to help her maintain her weight. In order to get the proper dairy intake, she will need to eat things like cheese, milk, and yogurt. In order to get the protein needed by her body, she will need to eat almonds, walnuts, and meat. 4. A copy of the MyPlate plan suggested for your client.

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My Plate Plan results: http://www. choosemyplate. gov/myplate/results. html? name=undefined&age=23&gender=female&weight=125&heightfeet=5&heightinch=4&activity=low&weightN=126&heightfeetN=5&heightinchN=4&validweight=1&validheight=1& 5. A seven-day menu detailing all foods and beverages your client should consume to meet the MyPlate suggestions recommendations and an analysis indicating that the menu provides the recommended servings of each of the food groups for each of the seven days. Day 1: ounces oatmeal with 1 cup of peaches 1&1/2 cups of chocolate milk Brown rice with 2 cups broccoli Turkey roll ups with cheese inside One apple Chicken breast with 1&1/2 cups of green beans Day 2: Fiber one cereal with skim milk One pear A baked potato with cheese & beans inside Whole Wheat crackers 1 & ? cup steamed carrots ? of a pomegranate Steak with 1 & ? cup of salad with olive oil Day 3: One large blueberry muffin with 1 &1/2 cups of milk Special K bar Chicken pasta with cheddar cheese on top with 2 cups of fruit One orange

Marinara Chicken cooked with olive oil and 2 cups broccoli One hard-boiled egg Day 4: Special K cereal with Milk 2 cups of peaches & pears One hard-boiled egg Chicken salad with olive oil and one cup of oranges Whole Grain crackers with cheese Pork chops with a sweet potato and Brussels sprouts Day 5: Whole grain toast with peanut butter and one cup orange juice One cup of yogurt Whole-wheat turkey sandwich with bean sprouts Apples & walnuts Spaghetti and meatballs with spinach salad Day 6:

Omelet with spinach & feta cheese & whole wheat toast One cup strawberries & one up skim milk Chicken sandwich with Swiss cheese and carrot sticks Peanut butter and celery Roast beef with potatoes. Onions, and carrots One cup yogurt Day 7: Fat free cottage cheese & whole wheat bread with jelly One apple and a hard boiled egg Greek salad with a side of grapes and one cup of milk One cups strawberries and one cup yogurt Grilled Salmon & one cup brown rice with green beans Fat free orange sherbet

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