Student uses social media to advocate for free speech Assignment

Student uses social media to advocate for free speech Assignment Words: 323

At the beginning of the semester, Pollard contacted the Office of Disability Re sources in the hopes of receiving aid for a disability. What ensued was a series of back and forth meetings and confusion on regarding medical records. By October, Pollard still had not succeeded in achieving the aid she desired and g ere increasing frustrated with the duration of the situation. Last week, Pollard posted a status on Faceable regarding her ongoing attempt t to gain access to disability resources. “Basically all it said was how unbelievable it was for Disability Services to just owe be getting back to me 10 to 11 weeks later.

It also said that they probably were sitting on my report for two t o three weeks and didn’t tell me,” said Pollard, who has been in contact with the office since her first week of school. Upon returning to the office several days later, Pollard was confronted by a did capabilities resources worker who had seen the Faceable status. “l was confronted by [the worker] with a printed out screenings of my status. Explained to her why I was angry and why I posted it,” Pollard said. “But I left Disability Services thinking that can t say anything negative because I would be reported and then confronted.

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I left feeling implicitly told this is not welcomed. ‘ After discussing the situation with several friends, Pollard decided to speak up and make a social media campaign to alert other students. “l want people to be mad about the invasion of privacy, unprofessional on this employee’s behalf and infringement of freedom of speech , Pollard said. “I want people to understand this is not okay. ” On Monday, Novo. 10, Pollard and friends created the Faceable event “#SWIM Disability Social Media Pushball. ” Those attending the event were asked to use various social media accounts such as F-casebook and Twitter to spread the message.

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