Independent Evolution vs Cultural Diffusion Assignment

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Since the beginning of development, many different cultures came into existence. Civilizations began and of course empires grew. Several reasons lead to the evolution of large, powerful empires. Some include cultural diffusion, great leaders, inventions, and more. The main reasons were independent inventions and cultural diffusion. The best explanation for the evolution of the large powerful empires was cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion is when a culture spreads from one group or empire to another and therefore the empires cultures are diverse and the more the diverse a community is the more stable it is.

Independent inventions is when a culture invents new methods of life on their own, such as methods of gathering food, hunting, creating weapons, wood work, and as well as ceremonies. Culture diffusion was seen all through many civilizations. In Document 1, Confucius speaks about the importance of parents and how you piety and your reasoning in life is to first serve your parents. Confucius then says after serving the parents you serve the ruler. Cultural diffusion causes this asset to spread. In Document 2, Seng Du, states the serving the king is the assistance in the ruling of one’s country.

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Many civilizations followed the same moral. In Documents 6 and 7, the details in which the structures were built are very similar. Cultural diffusion is portrayed in the documents. The Romans began using columns just like the Greek. In Document 8, the trade routes were the main reason in cultural diffusion. Traders began meeting with others and began developing there languages and soon they brought them back to there own civilizations and the cultures spread. The evolution of large powerful empires was caused by independent inventions.

In Document 4, In the Bhagavad-Gita the Hindu came up with there own way they saw the universe. The Hindus believed in spirits and the multiform world. The document describes the appearance of the deity. In Document 4, Ashoka practices morality and the once war machine ended. Since he is the ruler he believes in all men to be his children. Ashoka desires that all his children be happy in this world and in the after as he wishes for the men also. Ashoka believes that there should be growth of spirit of morality. Independent inventions are portrayed because there are different eliefs and different morals. In Document 5, Julius Caesar defeats enemies and then celebrates with five triumphs. Independent inventions are shown in the document because Romans came up with their own ceremonies. Julius celebrated five triumphs. The celebrations were after the war ended. Many civilizations had their own ceremonies and methods of life. Cultural diffusion also played an important role. Some additional types of documents that would help asses the development of empires are primary documents like journals. Journals from traders or citizens would be the best.

Trading was the main reason of expansion and evolution. Traders were the reason new languages and cultures spread. With the spreading there were expansions and the empires evolved. As you can see, cultural diffusion and independent inventions were some reasons for evolution is the great empires. With cultural diffusion and independent invention a gradual change occurred in the empires. Beliefs and traditions spread and ceremonies evolved. Diversity became an important role and the more diverse a community is the more stable it is.

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