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Socialism vs. Capitalism Samantha Conti University of Phoenix Comm. /105 ???January 12, 2008 The disadvantages of Communism are that people have to be willing to work for the greater good of society, not just themselves. They will not receive all the fruits of their labor, no matter hoe much you work you will always get the same salary. Why would you want to work so hard if you were going to make the same amount of money? Human rights abuses, lack of incentives for progress for individuals which results in a slow progressing society as a whole.

Under Socialist theory the individual’s needs are determined and satisfied collectively. Dissent and venturing out on one’s own are not option. Everyone is an employee and tenant of the state. In Communism people have little rights, everything is run by the government resulting in enormous economic failures, including famine, militarism and propaganda to cover-up the systematic failures of the government. Capitalism was developed in Europe in the 19th and early 20th century.

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Capitalism is an economic arrangement in which people have the individual liberty and the right to own property and to do what they wish with their property as long as it does not harm anyone else. These freedoms set Capitalism apart from all other kinds of economic arrangements. The Capitalist system is based in giving each individual the freedom to better (or worse him or herself). Capitalism signifies means of production. The heart of Capitalism is the producer’s right to make what he wants and the consumer’s right to choose what to buy. A free market economy and free enterprise.

The major benefit of Capitalism is private property, the concept that people have the right and privilege to control their possessions as they wish. In a Capitalism economy the role of the government reflect the desire and goals of its citizens. Capitalism societies suffer from poverty too, but in a different way as there is a vastly unequal distribution of wealth (a few people are rich, while most are poor), waste (garbage and complete failure to recognize “The Tragedy of the Commons”), greed, injustice, and selfishness just to name a few.

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