Role of Social Media in Environment Awareness Assignment

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Twelve questions were asked and you can see them displayed on the screen. According to this survey, 93. % of the respondents owned an account or a page in internet blobs. It’s not just the social networking sites which contribute but also entertainment-education. The average amount of time we spend on watching television is around 3 hours per day which means we spend 1095 hours in a year in front of the TV! BLITZ how many of us have tried NOT to change the channel when we see an environmental show?

Conferring to our statistics, it seems that adults are more educated through T. V shows than teens are. Newspapers are always doing their bit to spread awareness among people. Gulf News launched the ‘No to Plastic Bags’ campaign four years ago in response to hundreds of camels and gazelles dying in the desert after eating plastic bags. And, in a bid to reduce the use of plastic bags, Gulf News distributed 200,000 free jute bags to its subscribers. Here we see that adults are more aware of the upcoming events than teenagers while teens are more actively participating in activities like clean up-drives, campaigns and walks. Clearly from all this we can see that social media goes to a large extent to urge you and me to change our attitude towards the environment. We, the citizens of the world must take in the messages publicized by the media seriously and convert it into a reality.

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For instance, Letters to the Editor gives us an opportunity to fulfill our duty as citizens of the world and report about the atrocities committed to the environment. Why does society need social media when we are proclaimed to be educated? In their absence, there would be no platform for environmentalists to raise and highlight pressing issues. For example, releasing Sammy the whale in Atlantis gathered a LOT Of support from not just residents of the I-JAW but also celebrities like Pamela Anderson ONLY and ONLY because of social media.

Reflect on this for a moment. Don’t you think you and I have a greater sense of responsibility towards the mother earth and the future generation? Is it only the media that has to play a role in saving our environment? In spite of their various efforts to create environmental responsiveness, approach of social media will always remain an abstract one. All of us living on this planet, whether rich or poor, office goers or housewives, a PIP or common man, are responsible for the present Somalis state of our environment .

Each one of us has to contribute towards its rehabilitation, preservation and conservation. “You can make a lot of speeches write a lot of articles, but the real thing is when you dig a hole, plant a tree, give it water, and make it survive. That makes the ultimate difference. ” Let us join hands and pledge to work towards a greener tomorrow! Request all of you to please stand and join me. ‘Today pledge that I shall look after my mother. Not covered by plastic but adorned by trees. Help her become as green as she used to be. ”

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