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Media can shape personalities of people, and has some positive or negative effects on us. Media has the ability to shape personalities without people noticing, it can be a good or bad thing. Some people follow examples on the TV. If a TV show shows a family that is used to beating each other up, the person that is watching the show has a tendency to believe that violence is correct. However, if a character on a movie is playing soccer and is enjoying it, then the audience might start to like soccer.

For example, the news are full with violence and news about killing people, now people think it is normal and might copy that action. The personalities also vary depending on the type of media they have contact with. People that read or hear news about kidnaps, robberies, etc. , have the tendency to trust less and to be more scared of the world. Also, some kids, teenagers, adults, get involved so much in the media that they become antisocial because they are completely consumed by it.

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In fact, the ones that are more consumed and have more risk of being affected by the media are the teenagers, since most of them do not have a clear personality and they go with the flow. Depending on the type of media, the personality of the person can change for DOD. Some people like to watch shows or read books about nature and happy things, since they do not like negative thing, they are more bubbly and happy. Instead, if the person likes to absorb media that is negative and does no good to them, then they tend to be more aggressive and accept violence as part of their lives.

Indeed, media affects our thoughts because of what the people want the message to me and the effect they want on people. People think media does not affect their lives, but in reality, it has a lot to do with their personalities. Also all of the media that is around us have positive effects on us. Media brings a lot of opportunities into people ‘s lives. New Jobs are one of the many opportunities media brings, new managers are needed to control what the media contains. For instance, people have more money because they have more opportunities in Jobs that involve media.

Another thing is that some companies when they are in need of costumers or employees, they advertise themselves in magazines,TV,radio,internet,etc. If we want to know information about another place, we can Just search it in the internet. We have the opportunity to know what is going on, on the other side of the world in seconds. As a result, we can know if it is a good or bad idea to travel to some place, we can know if it is safe or not. If people want to know about the weather so they can plan their weekend, it Just takes a matter of seconds to find out.

A link between the people and government is also a positive effect. When a president is internet. Some websites are created so that the government knows what people think about an specific issue and then decide what to do. That is that when the government wants to let people know about the decisions and what they are planning to do they post it somewhere. Above all, media has positive effects in our fife but can also have some negative effects. On the other hand, media can also have negative effects on people. A lot of people are addicted to TV, internet, etc. , and that causes a lot of problems in health.

Outdoor sports are threatened because now people do not like to go out and play, they prefer staying home watching TV. In recent years people would eat healthier and slower, now almost everyone eats in front of the TV and that makes people eat faster. The faster you eat without noticing the more fat you will get. Also, sport teams were a big part of the life of people other years, now the skills professional players need to have re less strict than in earlier years because no one has the necessary requirements. With media in our lives, personal life is not really an option.

The personal life of celebrities and everyone is at risk, it may seem that everyone is at risk; it seems that everyone knows about you and that is not true, some things are fake , like pictures edited with Photos. Besides, people tend to make things up so it sounds more interesting that it already is, so what some people say is fake. There are pictures everywhere of celebrities or other average people that give the wrong impression and make others assume things that are not correct. When something appears in the media some people tend to copy it.

It influences what people like, if their favorite celebrity likes to drink, then they will think it is alright to drink. Consequently, if some source of media projects that violence is good, some people might think it is correct and they will not understand why it is wrong. Abusive homes are more common to take place where the people are surrounded by negative and violent influence. In conclusion, media affects every aspect of our life and it is sometimes negative. In summary, media as in magazines, TV, radio, books, internet can affect all of our aspects in life.

It shapes our personality and depending on the type of media you are surrounded by, it can be good or bad. There are some general positive effects that include things like new opportunities, a link between the government and citizens, and a new source of information people might need for some reason. On the contrary, it can also have negative effects in the life of everyone, the sports are played less now, people do not have a personal life, and it makes people copy things that influence in a bad way. Finally, people are the ones that control the effects media has on them, it is really their choice.

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