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The developments of this industry was a result of government and nongovernmental organizations, that sated the isolations, the polices and the planning of this massive Industry. However, It Is been argued that government agencies or organizations are inefficient and bureaucratic, and do not understand the realities of the private sector tourism operations. This essay will outline the main roles of these organizations in the tourism Industries and how they control and manage this Industry by setting regulations and involving In tourism policies and planning.

Also this essay will support the ideas with examples over the Asia Pacific tourism industries. Figure 1-1: Estimate the increase In the number of tourist and the receipts from tourism In 2020 (excluding transport) Role of government and nongovernmental organizations in tourism markets: The question to this is; why do these organizations intervene in tourism industry? Tourism, like any other economic activity, which takes place in an regulations and other actions (Concur, Nick, & Sahara, Sumatra, 2008).

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They mainly intervene in the tourism industries for two reasons: 1) As it is an industry, it should have negative impacts mainly socially and environmentally. So they try to control over this issue. ) Tourism industry has the potential to create more Jobs; in India the Planning Commission announced tourism is one of the main fields that could create more employment and promoting sustainable livelihoods. (Markedly et al. , 2003 p. 84).

Applying those two strategies to the making of the regulations, policies and tourism planning by The World Tourism Organization (WTFO) and the United Nation Environment Programmer (UNEVEN) to reach the flowing points(Markedly et al. , 2003); 1- Trying to promote economic development, especially by the government organizations such as tourism ministries (Markedly et al. , 2003). In order to manage tourism industry in country, tourism ministry need a strong network and support of colleagues in other ministries to work together and achieve an economic development.

As the financial incentives and taxation policies are often the responsibilities of other ministries such as the Ministry of Economic Development (MED), (ministry of economic development 2011). According to New Zealand Statistics 2011, “tourism satellite account is compiled under a United Nations World Tourism Organization framework and funded by the Tourism Strategy Group, Ministry of Economic Development” (Zealand Statistics 2011).

For a non-government organization, (OIL) the International Labor organization deals with the economic development in the tourism sector, trying to form sustainable forms of tourism while reducing poverty potential (Targeted News Service, 2010). Which will work for the economic developments 2- Facilitating and supporting industries, this could be by both organizations. They support certain industries to create Jobs. An example for the role of nongovernmental organization for this one is OIL, the International Labor organization.

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