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Therefore, international strategy is needed for international organizations o survive and compete internationally. Thus, international marketing strategy is used in international marketing organizations; international financial strategy is used in international financial organization as required by the nature of the international strategy. This paper discussed International marketing organizations, International marketing structure, and International marketing culture.

Bartlett and Shoal (1989) and Doze and Parallax (1981 ) noted that centralization, decentralization and local responsiveness are the major tasks in international marketing organizations. Kettle, Angstrom and Cunningham (2008) identified three forms of International marketing organizations. L. Geographical organization II. World product groups ill. International subsidiaries According to Laundry, Tipping, and Dixon (2005), they grouped international marketing organizations based on competitive circumstances. They see the competitive circumstances as building blocks which determine the nature of the company’s marketing organization.

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They grouped marketing organizations into six. The building blocks are scope (range of responsibility), decision rights (company’s authority and autonomy), capabilities (leadership and administrative skills), and organizational linkages (proactive relationship). The six International marketing organizations identified by Laundry et al. (2005) are: I. Growth champion marketing organization it. Senior counselor marketing organization iii. Brand foreman marketing organization v. Growth facilitator marketing organization v. Best practices advisor marketing organization VI.

Service provider marketing organization Growth champion concerns itself with new business development and product innovation. The major drive of this marketing organization is increased revenue. Senior counselor marketing organization concerns with major marketing strategies such as advertising, promotion and public relations. Its drive is to ensure that these strategies are put in place. Brand foreman marketing organizations implement company’s key brands are communicated to the consumers. Growth facilitator marketing organizations develop and lead large, company-wide marketing efforts which set the business’s overall priorities.

Its drive is to coordinates all functions of the organization into setting company’s priorities. Best practice marketing organizations focus mainly on business level strategy. It ensures that each strategic business unit (SUB) in the organization has a business culture and practices that will be incorporated into all marketing activities. Service provider marketing organizations are organizations all services ranging from advertising to promotion, public relations etc. These organizations may represent niches having the drive of supplying specialized services.

Its drive is to ensure good company’s brand and competent product teams. There is no appropriate decision as to the right or best organizational structure in international business. International marketing organization structure may be defined as the structure or setting in which international marketing plans can be achieved or implemented. The structure may be product-specific, geographic-specific, and process-specific. The decision to adopt any type of these structures is dependent on two factors: 1 . Conducting marketing functions from a centralized location. 2.

Conducting marketing functions from a decentralized location. In a centralized action, decisions-making is at the headquarters (WHQL) and executed in different countries. For a decentralized location, each country independently makes and executes marketing functions regarding the manufacturing, distribution and sales of products and services. While centralized marketing functions may require strong communications and solid organizational processes for pricing and promotional activities, decentralized marketing functions require cultural decisions and localized or country-specific economic factors. Wonder (n. D. Identified three international arresting organizational structures. These structures are: A. Products Marketing structure B. Geographical Marketing structure C. Processes and Activities Marketing structure Products Marketing Structure This marketing structure focused on products delivery for meeting the needs of specific customer groups. These groups are product management group, facilities manufacturing group, call centers group, direct sales group, and customer service groups. This structure usually has company headquarters and management staff, the group is often multi-national with offices dispersed around the globe.

Geographical Marketing Structure This structure is designed in a geographical way having regional offices. It may be country-based, or continent based such as West Africa, South America, Australia, Europe, North Africa etc. They may all deliver the same group of products, but the the geographic area of the globe they serve. Processes and Activities Marketing Structure This structure marketing is designed to focus on distribution channels, manufacturing capability, and global direct sales. This is common in manufacturing and technology industries.

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