Responsibility of the Government Toward the Unprivileged Assignment

Responsibility of the Government Toward the Unprivileged Assignment Words: 357

I think that the Government must look after each one of the people they rule regardless their ethnicity, religion or social conditions, and must make sure that every inhabitant of that specific place has a good quality of life. People who are in charge (mayors, governors, politicians in general, etc. ) need to remember that, having power and control over people Is not the most Important; one of the main -If not original- reasons to be a part of the Government Is to be the voice of those who can’t peak or can’t be heard and, at the same time, help people in general get a better quality of life.

I consider that once a person is elected to govern certain place, it is established a commitment to his or her voters, because they entrusted him the responsibility to try to fix problems that seem impossible to fix from their perspective of ‘common people’ (particularly speaking of Colombia, problems related to violence, displacement, poverty, unemployment, etc. Nowadays, the solutions that have been proposed to resolve some of these issues don’t seem to be very effective, nevertheless, it’s not entirely the Government’s fault It’s not that I’m trying to defend the Government or anything like that, but there are many people in our country that expect that everything is going to be given in a silver tray, or that they are going to get the things they want without any hard work or effort, and that’s not the point.

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People need to contribute as well, stop being lazy and having pity for themselves, It’s time to get up and do something If they really want to Improve and make a change In their lives. Summing up, for me, the role of the Government within a society doesn’t only relies on taking power and control; it also meaner that l, as a leader, should care about all the people who live in the place I rule, and as long as there are the meaner to help them have a better quality of life, then I should make it possible for them.

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