The Three Purposes of Government Assignment

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The rule of law prevents the united States from breaking out Into a mob rule. Order, equality, and freedom are the three factors that keep our government In order. With everyone in order it creates an equal opportunity for all, and with equality comes freedom because everyone would ultimately be the same. The rule of law is crucial for democracy because without it there would be chaos and many people attempting to create their own government defeating the meaning of The united States of America. Order Is meant for both the people and the government.

The Fifth Amendment covers the people and the government. It states that anyone convicted of a crime will not be “deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law”. That means that each individual charged with a crime must receive a fair trial, and cannot be stripped of any rights. For the government it says that they may not claim any “private property for public use, without Just compensation”. This means the government does not own the country, in that If they want to use public land for their win purposes they must pay for It or negotiate a deal with the landowner.

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These laws are set for everyone to use and follow so order remains, and ultimately keeps a lawful country. Now with this order in place equality would seem imminent since everyone has to abide by the same rules, yet that is false. Since the government is considered our “ruler” equality does not always seem like a possibility, but it is achievable. Whether you are In Congress or Just an “everyday” worker, we all are citizens and we all have he same rights. “All persons born or naturalized In the united States. ND subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the united States”. This is the first sentence in the Fourteenth Amendment that states no one can be denied of his or her rights or protection from the law. If equality is accomplished then it can create a more placid society and government. Out of the three purposes of government freedom is the most difficult to attain because freedom can be a misconstrued Idea. The true meaning of freedom Is to do NY act without restraint, when In reality that Is not true for America.

There are multiple acts that have consequences, contradicting the motto “the land of the free”. However, freedom does have various implications. It is not Just about doing whatever you want, but creating a fair society for all. The Little Rock Nine is arguably the most dramatic turning point for freedom in US history. On May 17, 1954, the Supreme Court declared It unconstitutional for desegregation In all schools. This gave African Americans the same freedom as white people to get a proper education back then.

Freedom is not just about doing what you want, but about making sure everyone can do what they want together. Order, equality, and freedom all play off each other. The rule of law would not exist without these three components. Not only the government but also the people would be in disarray, and the fifty states would likely no longer be united. Order Is most Important because It enforces the rule of law and equality and freedom would democracy because without it there would be no government.

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