Reader Response on the Republic Book Assignment

Reader Response on the Republic Book Assignment Words: 302

By talking about this story he is saying that if their was no justice and no punishments then every just man would become unjust and do whatever they wanted. And that justice is not something that is desirable to people but something that is forced upon them. I agree with him because do think that humans have a natural instinct to do things that are more advantageous for themselves. Being unjust is the more rational way to live ones life, a person would be more prone to steal ood if there wasn’t a consequence for doing it, but by stealing that food you are benefiting your self.

Part 2: “This, then said l, will be one of the laws and patterns concerning the gods to which speakers and poets will be required to conform, that God is not the cause of all things, but only of good. “2 This doesn’t really relate to justice but when I read it, it was the only thing I could really find that didn’t agree with. If a God does exist I don’t think that he or she is only reason there is good in the world. lso think God is not fair all the time.

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The main reason believe this is because a lot of bad things happen to people who are good and don’t deserve it. And if God controls everything then God also creates bad things in this world for no real reason or a reason that I am not aware of. This became the first law of the city: “God is the cause only of good. ” I think that it is not fair that poets we not allowed to display God as unjust. think they should have had the liberty write about anything they wanted.

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