The Republic: the best life to live Assignment

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Along the same lines, any young individual entering the work force must be aware of their previous decisions such as people they associate with, things they choose to do, and especially the ever popular social networking. A persons image or reputation can be blemished by one unjust act and make it easy to forget all of that persons just actions. For instance, our 42nd President Bill Clinton, his one unjust action lead to the country to view him as an unjust individual. As president of the United States, we assume that he or she is a just individual and will not commit unjust action.

Based on Socrates’ opinion, the best life being that of the unjust but to be viewed as just, believe that for Clinton committing this act and not having the public find out would have been what Socrates is claiming. This goes to show that even the supposed most just individual of our country, the President, can even commit one unjust action that ruins his just reputation. In addition, this can also show that the ultimate goal is for a person to be able o get away with committing any unjust action and maintain a just reputation.

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If a person was able to commit and unjust act and knowingly have no consequence to pay, many people would commit unjust actions daily. Being able to do anything without consequence would quickly lead to mayhem within a county. This is shown in the text with the story of The Ring of Gyges. The Ring of Gyges is a story of which the person whom wears the ring is invisible and able to commit any action (The Republic). In my opinion, if people in our society had access to this ring, I think every person would ommit unjust acts.

Even the most just individual would turn to unjust actions. With this ring, it would bring out the worst in every person and give him or her the ability to give into any desire. If a person knew no one could ever find out it was he or she who had committed any unjust action there would be no reason not to commit the act. I think that any person wearing this ring would give in to his or her own person desires and wants. They would do this because if we all knew of its powers we would look only help ourselves and attempt to possible better our lives.

Compared to the actual story of the ring itself, the person wearing it kills the King in order to better his own life. He also gives in to sexual desires of his own at the same time. Both of these things believe foreshadowing what it is thought of that people would do if they had the ring. Overall, I think people would commit unjust actions with this ring because he or she would not be able to avoid his or her true desires and Wants in life. In addition, I am not saying that every person would be this way but in my opinion, most would.

Although, I do believe that there is some people who are genuinely just individuals and even with this ring would commit some unjust acts. People like this would be ones who use the ring to helps others and benefit the greater good but also do give in to some of his or her personal wants and desires. think it is possible to wear this ring and not only be able to benefit oneself but also others around you. On the other hand, some people do choose to commit only just actions and do not intend to reap only the benefits from it but simply just to do the ction.

People like this I believe are rarely found but are the type of people our world depends upon. A person, who acts only to help others and leaves him or herself behind, is in my belief the best individual. people like this can commit just actions and sincerely look to help others and not want to commit unjust actions. Although he or she may contemplate unjust actions, he or she will not commit them. In The Republic, Socrates claims in the end of, that not only is the best life a truly just one, but that the one who lives justly is actually ewarded for living justly (The Republic).

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